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July 26th, 2012


Computer Games




Game Designer

Zynga is looking for an experienced Designer to work on a popular social game. Qualified candidates will have experience on console and/or PC games and are fluent in game design practices and overall game development. This position is located in Zynga's Austin office.


- Create or adapt leading game features to work with an existing game
- Pitch new ideas to the team/ hold brainstorming sessions
- Tune and model complex systems using Excel
- Write copy, names, and narrative elements of game
- Analyze real-time feedback and metrics, and adjust game designs accordingly
- Work with product managers, developers and artists to oversee the implementation of new features and systems
- Ability to describe user experience stories and create wireframe screens and flows
- Remain up-to-date with Game Design literature and best practices to be an evangelist for the craft of Game Design

Required Skills:

- Experience or knowledge of traditional board game, card game, or dice game design
- Expert with math and formulas in game environment
- Experience designing combat and/or system mechanics including player control, moves, and NPC/AI types and behaviors
- Strong knowledge of game balancing and pacing
- Management experience, preferably with an experienced design team
- Adept with Excel/spreadsheets
- Passionate gamer
- 2+ shipped games
- Game programming background preferred