The Impact of AI
on the Future of
Security Questionnaires

What 300,000+ security questionnaire questions answered by Conveyor’s AI tell us about the future of security reviews

Every day, infosec and presales teams lament one thing...

Will we be completing questionnaires until the end of time?

Security questionnaires have likely been around since the 70s and 80s and in their more “modern” form, since the early 2000s

(the years of Myspace, iPods, and more...)
So naturally, with all the advances in LLMs today, everyone is wondering...

Is AI the key to stopping the questionnaire madness?
By analyzing the activity in Conveyor’s AI trust platform in 2023,
we try to predict the future of security questionnaires...
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Of F500 conducted reviews through Conveyor
Security Questions ANSWERED by CONVEYOR's AI
We think the ultimate future is...

Custom questions remain
and AI does the grunt work

Questions about your security posture likely won't go away anytime soon.

Although we're not at full automation yet, here are some practical tips
to use when automating your customer security reviews today:

Analyze your "one source of truth"

AI for security reviews is converging towards just needing one source of truth to generate answers with.

Being able to identify what the most popular documents are and which are the top question and answer pairs to maintain will become increasingly important.

Get sales buy in for a trust center

Have a trust center or looking to implement one? Leveraging a trust portal makes documentation sharing automated and centralized for your team.

Pro tip: Make sure sales is bought in early. This makes adoption, push back on customers, and future deflection of questionnaires possible.

Delegate to presales/sales teams

Design processes so that Sales/Solutions Engineers can be the first line of defense when sharing info via a trust center, but also when taking a first pass of the questionnaire using AI.

Need somewhere to start? If you already have a security questionnaire automation software, try having sales upload questionnaires via Salesforce.

Thoroughly evaluate AI solutions

Evaluating an AI solution to automate answering security questionnaires?

Pro tip: Use these key metrics in your evaluation.

  • Time spent reviewing each answer
  • Time spent on each questionnaire getting answers back in original customer-ready format
  • Accuracy with precision and coverage rates including % of answers you don’t have to edit before you can send back to the customers
Ready to let AI do the hard work for you?

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