Teleport's Trust Profile (

Starting today, you can claim your company’s Conveyor Trust Profile, a public-facing landing page for customers and prospects that will reduce the number of questions you have to answer manually by proactively and transparently sharing your security posture. You can easily update your Profile and distribute new information to your audience over time.

Teleport uses their public-facing Conveyor Trust Profile ( as the entry point for collaborating with customers and prospects during the sales process. The sales team gets a single, simple link with Teleport’s domain that allows customers to request access for confidential information like audit reports and findings.

Using a Conveyor Trust Profile as the front door for your prospects and customers during the security review part of the sales cycle has a few core benefits:

  1. Better customer experience: Your customers can browse public information, request access to confidential documentation, and start a review directly in the platform, without having to send a questionnaire. Users don’t have to create an account, and Conveyor won’t market to them unless they opt-in.
  2. Secure, auditable access: You can easily give sales prospects and customers access to protected content, with access controls, NDA gating, and document watermarking
  3. Simple, quick updates: Share information with prospects and customers quickly, without having to go through a marketing or web design team
  4. Consistent brand experience: Keep your customers’ experience consistent, URLs for the Profile are customizable to match their domain

You can check out an example Profile here to get a sense of what the live interaction looks like. When you decide you want your own, you can claim it for free on signup at!

Using Profiles to Shine

Conveyor’s Trust Profiles are simple, clear digests of a company’s security posture. Profiles showcase publicly-available information and provide a path to request confidential information. The most requested features from our customers were: 

  • Compliance badges: Compliance certifications are typically the first thing customers and prospects look for when scanning a vendors’ information, so we’ve given them top billing.
Showcase your certificates, as well as your ranking on the Conveyor network, with badges on your Public Trust Profile.
  • "Our Philosophy": Introduce your security leadership and set context for the rest of the information you make available for customers.
An example of the "Philosophy" section, taken from Conveyor's Trust Profile.
  • Indicator Summary: Answer the most frequently-asked questions up front. Based on thousands of Rooms connections, we’ve been able to see what types of “indicators” are most searched for & consumed during a security review. We’ve aligned the trust indicators to give reviewers the info they are looking for in an easy-to-digest format, plus they can dive into the referenced public links for more information.
An overall transparency score, along with the various explanations of the individual trust indicators, gives a quick summary of the vendor's security policies and procedures.
  • Publicly-available documentation: Content for customers to access, no authentication needed, to get a head start on their review before diving into protected information. This content is also great for freemium customers that the vendor might not want to give the full keys to the kingdom. For confidential documentation such as SOC 2 reports, penetration tests, etc, customers can directly request access to the Room from the Profile.
  • Updates and announcements: Communicate with your audience for updates (“We were not affected by Log4j”) and announcements (“we just released a new SOC 2 report”). Yet another way to build communication and transparency between vendor and customer.

We hope you Profiles helps you present a confident, professional security posture to your customers and prospects!