We’ve heard it before: Vendor security reviews suck. But, they are a necessary part of InfoSec hygiene. Like flossing your teeth or changing the oil in your car, a not-so-sexy part of reality that must be done for long term benefits. And given that most companies today are increasing their reliance on third party vendors in order to achieve business outcomes, vendor risk management is a part of a strong security culture that cannot be ignored.

At Conveyor, we’re focused on building the largest, most robust network of organizations exchanging trust information to help fast-track vendor and customer security reviews, and allow InfoSec teams to focus on the parts of their job that they love to do. (If you love issuing questionnaires via spreadsheets and email, feel free to ignore the rest of this blog post).

Our Vendor Trust platform has helped companies like Terminus fast track their initial vendor security assessments by 79% — and we’ve just announced new product features to improve the user experience, and make the process more seamless (and, dare we say, more sexy?)

Feature 1: Network status badges

Conveyor’s Vendor Trust Reports summarize important security information for hundreds of leading SaaS vendors. Need to start a review of Okta, Airtable, Hubspot, or Datadog? Simply navigate to the “Discover” module (left nav bar) and search for their Vendor Trust Report. You’ll get an instant snapshot of their policies and procedures, and you can click “Start a Review” in the upper right corner to kick off a review and collect more info if needed.

With network status badges, we’ve made it easier for you to see which companies are active participants of the Conveyor network (i.e. vendors who are already sharing information & building trust on the network). When searching for vendors in the directory, look for vendors with a blue check mark next to their name. These companies have a Conveyor Room, and make it easy for customers and prospects to access their security information and documentation through a self-service portal. Click on any one and knock out your review 5X faster!

Companies like Carta, Census, and Cobalt have blue tags that show them as active on Conveyor's network.

Feature 2: Vendor tags

The “Manage” module of the platform is where you can, well….manage your vendors. This is where your Vendor Inventory lives, and you can have an unlimited number of vendors in your inventory. You can track Owners, Descriptions, Usage Details, and Notes in an easy-to-use table view. And now, with the addition of vendor tags, we’ve made it even easier for users to organize and filter vendors by key criteria that matter to them.

Tag your vendors according to their type, level of sensitivity, or any other categorization you choose.

Feature 3: Last review date

Last review date is another improvement to the vendor inventory view within the Manage module. Each vendor you have in your inventory will display both the date and recommendation of the last review performed for each vendor. This helps users determine at a quick glance the review status of their vendors.

Easily see when your vendors were last reviewed, and what the recommendation was. Great for auditing purposes!

Feature 4: Risk triaging

Tracking your vendors by risk level has never been easier with Conveyor's new risk field. Whether you're in a Review or managing your inventory, you can set vendors' Inherent Risk as well as their Control Maturity to determine an Overall Risk score:

Set a risk level across the vendors' maturity and inherent risk - to gauge the overall risk presented.

You can then use these values to sort and filter your inventory:

Now you can filter your risk scores to see which vendors may need more attention than others when it comes to security reviews.

Each of these features is one small improvement that together add up to a better user experience for any team using Conveyor's Vendor Trust platform to assess their vendors and improve the efficiency of their third party risk management program. 

Security reviews will never go away (and they shouldn’t), but we believe there’s a better way to do them. If you want to test it out for yourself for free, head to app.conveyor.com/signup, enter your email, and select “Vendor Trust” during the sign in process. You’ll get dropped right into the Vendor Directory where you can find your vendors and start the review process!

If you have any questions or wish to speak to a member of the team, send us an email