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Simplify responding to security questionnaires.

Compliance teams are spending up to 40% of their time responding to vendor security assessments. Get that time back and speed up the sales cycle.

Questionnaire Assistance

Find answers to security questions in seconds

Conveyor’s smart search tool makes it easy to find answers to security questions simply by pasting a question or topic into the search bar. It searches all of your documents, previously answered questionnaires, and other materials to instantly surface and rank answers.

Smart search tool

Train the smart search algorithm in one click

Providing a simple thumbs up or thumbs down on an answer helps train the algorithm so your results continually get better. Or don’t. As other companies use Conveyor and train the algorithm your results will get better too.

Train smart search algorithm

Or respond to questionnaires with zero effort

It's simple: you upload your security documents, completed questionnaires, and any other helpful materials, then we complete your reviews in 72 hours or less.

Questionnaire response service

Completed by experts

Our industry experts (known as Data Protection Advisors) will use their expertise and your actual data to complete questionnaires, eliminating the back-and-forth with customers.

Minimal data required

We only need a few already completed questionnaires and your security documents to complete your future questionnaires. We can have answered questionnaires returned within 72 hours.

Secure portal

Provide us secure access to your documents and completed questionnaires in your Conveyor Room. Reuse this portal to send the questionnaire response and security documents to customers and prospects.