Spend 71% less time on vendor security reviews

No more chasing vendors to get the basic security information you need to complete your review. Our platform will parse your vendors' SOC 2 and penetration tests to highlight exceptions, and answer your uploaded questionnaires so you understand the gaps you need to pay attention to.

This is an example  of a a public vendor report to help fast track your vendor security review.

"Conveyor makes my security reviews 3.5 times faster."

Josh McIlwain
Senior Director Information Security, Terminus

Upload vendor docs & let the AI do the work

This is an example Conveyor Room on the shared reports and documents page

SOC 2 & pen test reports — with findings summarized for you

Easily collect and store security documents. When a vendor is using Conveyor you can simply access their secure data room through their listing in your vendor inventory. For vendors not using Conveyor you can request documents with just a few clicks.

All the questions you would ask (and a few extra)

Our high-level summaries give you the TL;DR on a vendor’s security posture. You can also dig deeper into info such as data hosting locations, SSL/MFA, SOC 2 availability, and more.

Save hours on each review leveraging the data we already collected for you.

Vendor risk dashboards show your risk level by individual vendors and at an aggregate level.

Risk dashboards that  management will love

Conveyor's Risk Registry includes a dashboard that visualizes your risk posture at any point-in-time, as well as your progress over time. Use our dashboards to show leadership what you’re doing to help manage and mitigate third party risk.