Network Data Sharing Policy

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Version 1.0 - Effective July 1st, 2021

Conveyor helps you build trust with your customers and vendors. When you use Conveyor, you’ll invite users from other companies into the platform to communicate with you, and those other companies will join the Conveyor Network. Some examples of this type of usage include:

  • Securely sharing a SOC 2 report with a prospect or customer via your Room
  • Inviting a customer to search your security knowledge-base
  • Inviting vendors to complete a security assessment

Below, we articulate examples of how we will use contact information you provide for your invited prospects, customers, and vendors. 

How We Interact With Your Invitees

Will Do Will Not Do
Send email for password resets (forgotten passwords) Send non-transactional email to your customers unless they proactively opt in to allowing Conveyor communications, by creating their own account or by some other method (see the types of transactional email we send on the left)
Send email notifications when you or others they are connected with share updated information including compliance documentation Automatically enroll them in any marketing or sales mailing lists
Send email for security issues or other Network functions and alerts Divulge any vendor-customer relationships created on the Network without explicit approval
Communicate with users (vendors or their customers) who are experiencing any bugs to make sure we resolve them satisfactorily Share any compliance documents without your approval
Implement in-product mechanisms allowing them to add their other vendors
Implement in-product mechanisms allowing them to create their own Conveyor Room
In-product messaging promoting offerings they may find beneficialy
Ad retargeting for anyone who you invite into Conveyor
Collect product usage metrics