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Version 1.2 - Last Updated December 3rd, 2021

Conveyor may engage and share information with selected service providers and third parties who perform services on our behalf. 

Before contracting with any vendors, Conveyor performs a set of due diligence to evaluate the privacy and security practices affecting our and our customer’s data. 

This page provides a list of vendors with whom we share personal information as well as describes where each is located and what services these vendors provide for us.

Subprocessor Name Type Purpose Location
Appcues Product Product Adoption United States
Aptible Product Cloud Infrastructure United States
Amazon Web Services Product Cloud Services United States
Census Product Analytics United States
Datadog Product Logging and Monitoring United States
DBT Product Data Warehouse United States
DealHub Sales/Marketing Sales Process Management United States
DocuSign Sales/Marketing Electronic Signature and Contract Management United States
Fullstory Product User Behavior Analytics United States
Google Analytics Sales/Marketing User Behavior Analytics United States
Google Workspace Product Customer Support United States
Looker Product Analytics United States
Marketo Sales/Marketing Marketing Automation United States Sales/Marketing Advertising United States
Postmark Product Email United States
Salesforce Sales/Marketing Customer relationship management United States
Segment Product Analytics United States
Sentry Product Logging and Monitoring United States
Slack Product Internal Communication United States
Stitch Data Product Analytics United States
Zapier Product Workflow Automation United States
Zoom Sales/Marketing Virtual Meetings and Webinars United States