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Streamline vendor management

Conveyor makes it easy to understand and manage your vendor risk throughout the vendor lifecycle. Automate vendor security reviews, manage cross-functional collaboration, and track your overall risk in board-ready dashboards.

A better way to manage vendors

Managing vendors and their reviews across email, spreadsheet, project management tools, and more is difficult. Simplify your process with one tool — Conveyor.


Assess vendors' security posture

Simplify the investigative process of assessing vendors. Automate assessment delivery, follow up, review, scoring, and evidence collection. Gain insight into what your vendors are doing around data protection and security.

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Manage the vendor lifecycle

Complete vendor reviews 40% faster with intelligent integrations and GRC automations that keep track of vendor onboarding and offboarding activities, monitor vendors for security posture updates, and automate your vendor reviews.

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Mitigate vendor risk

Get all the information you need to monitor, measure, and minimize your risk. Easily determine your vendors’ risk, acceptability, and any remediation needed. Instantly map mitigation controls and procedures to risks and automatically attach evidence of your activity.

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