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Assess your vendors

Conveyor makes it easy understand what your vendors are doing around security and compliance. Automated assessments, follow-up, review, and document collection reduce manual work and bring everything together.

Risky vendor alert and risk reduction alert

Streamline questionnaires

Issue questionnaires with a single click and eliminate the back and forth between you and your vendor with automated questionnaire delivery and follow up. Review vendor questionnaires in half the time with response flagging, individual question risk scoring, and weighting.

Easily collect security documents

Easily collect and store security documents. When a vendor is using Conveyor you can simply access their Room through their entry in your vendor inventory. For vendors not using Conveyor you can request documents with just a few clicks.

Understand your vendor risk

Get insight into the initial risk profile of your vendors through a combination of assessment risk scoring, publicly available security information, and the classification of the data being processed by the vendor.

Simplify vendor assessments

See the entire history of your relationship with a vendor directly in their vendor profile, including risk level, reviews, and documents. Get a head start on new relationships with verified information that is automatically populated for the most common SaaS vendors. Eliminate misplaced shared files and unwieldy spreadsheets with activity tracking and workflow automation.
Give employees a go-to place to kickstart a new vendor review. Translate those requests into a fully populated, informative vendor review in seconds.
Screenshot of internal vendor request form and processing.
Effortlessly collaborate with your team: delegate tasks that any assignee can complete via email, Slack, or JIRA and manage their progress directly from the review. Set up key tasks for your team to more easily keep your reviews consistent across all of your vendors.
Screenshot of JIRA and Slack integrations
Send a questionnaire to your vendor from within your review - no account required for them to respond. Streamline assessment delivery, follow-up, and review: easily note internal risks to monitor or flag unsatisfactory answers for your vendor contact to follow up on.
Screenshot of a vendor questionnaire