Your dream workflow is finally here.

Fly through portal-based security questionnaires when AI auto-fills answers.

AI now reads from any policy document (plus, your knowledge base).

Get precise, cited answers in seconds and fill out a OneTrust portal with 1-click. Seriously.

Learn about AI reads from documents

Learn about AI auto-fills OneTrust portals


Less maintenance,
more autofill

1-click fill a portal questionnaire

The browser extension for portal-based questionnaires just got an upgrade. Now, you can 1-click auto-fill AI answers into a OneTrust portal. (This feature is in beta)

Even higher accuracy than before

Conveyor’s security questionnaire questionnaire automation software is so accurate, teams are spending just seconds on each question.

Spend less time on maintenance

Now that AI can read from everything in your trust center, keeping a knowledge graph maintained is no problem. Just upload outdated policies and go!
Don't take our word for it

"91% reduction in time spent"

“We got the time spent per question from 4 minutes down to 22 seconds which reflected a 91% reduction in time spent on questionnaires.  If we lost Conveyor, it would grind security to a halt.”

Derek Gray
Sr. Security Analyst | Lucid Software
Loved by infosec teams at

"Conveyor has been a game-changer for Carta.

We love how Conveyor continually innovates and evolves its product capabilities, enabling us to stay ahead of customer demands while also providing efficiency and accuracy at scale."

Nathan Ricketts
Information Security

"If Conveyor disappeared tomorrow, we would be sad and anxious – it has become essential to our workflow.

Being able to control who gets access to sensitive documentation, having an internal and customer-facing knowledge base, and the GPT-Questionnaire Automation Software have saved us so much time, streamlined our reviews, and reduced back and forth of emails.

We're saving 1-3 hours per questionnaire, which adds up quickly."

Santosh Iyer
Sr. DevOps Engineer

"Conveyor helps us do more with less - especially with a lean security team. Without Conveyor, it would be an absolute disaster."

Randy Hanooman
Manager, Security & Compliance


How does Conveyor's AI generate answers?
How does the auto-fill of OneTrust portal work?
Are new answers automatically updated in my Knowledge Base?
How accurate and reliable is the GPT-questionnaire software?
Can you tell me more about your use of OpenAI?

Get 90%+ accurate AI answers
for security questionnaires
(and nothing less)