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AI gets you accurate answers on the first try (without all the extra work)

ConveyorAI knows every doc, previous answer, and website

Stop maintaining Q&A pairs with knowledge that exists on your Help Center or was answered on a previous RFP. Conveyor sources and links every response so you’re always confident in the result.

No more complex import steps - instantly upload any file type

One-click import automatically understands questions, subquestions, and comments in any Excel, Doc, or PDF. ConveyorAI then fills out each answer with export to the original format.

Show the business impact of RFPs on win rate and velocity

Integrate with your CRM to view analytics on how RFPs are tied to revenue. Slice and dice your data to generate insight into resource priorities. Surface process bottlenecks to move even faster.

See how easy it is to
upload an RFP and get accurate, up to date answers

One platform for multiple teams

Conveyor's original security questionnaire software, now for RFPs

Talk to Sales

"Conveyor's browser extension just helped me complete a 7 page security questionnaire 80% faster than before. It's a must-have for us on the pre-sales side."

TJ Guyton
Solutions Consultant @ Figma

“We got the time spent per question from 4 minutes down to 22 seconds which reflected a 91% reduction in time spent on questionnaires.  

If we lost Conveyor, it would grind security to a halt.”

Derek Gray
Senior Security Analyst

Makes it so much easier to get our security documents in the hands of our customers.

We can share security documents to customers without having to send email after email to make sure they have access and they don't have to come to us to request document updates as they can self serve the documents when needed."

Dave B.
Enterprise (> 1,000 emp.)

"I love Conveyor. We moved to Conveyor because it was one place to manage all of our security activities.

We’ve been able to reduce our turnaround time from a week or more to roughly three business days, sometimes less when leveraging the trust portal."

Ylan Muller
IT Manager

"Smooth & fast to adopt as a service"
Easy to use, very intuitive, great customer success and support. The product is a huge time saver. The integration & implementation is very simple.

Sagiv Y.
Enterprise (> 1,000 emp.)

"Conveyor has been a game-changer for Carta.

We love how Conveyor continually innovates and evolves its product capabilities, enabling us to stay ahead of customer demands while also providing efficiency and accuracy at scale."

Nathan Ricketts
Information Security

"If Conveyor disappeared tomorrow, we would be sad and anxious – it has become essential to our workflow.

It's great having a centralized hub of all of our security content and providing an easy way for customers to engage with it. [It has] saved us so much time, streamlined our reviews, and reduced back and forth of emails.

We're saving 1-3 hours per questionnaire, which adds up quickly."

Santosh Iyer
Sr. DevOps Engineer

"Conveyor helps us do more with less - especially with a lean security team. Without Conveyor, it would be an absolute disaster."

Randy Hanooman
Manager, Security & Compliance

"Before Conveyor, the process to share security documents with our customers was inefficient at best. It was manual to track down signed NDAs and send them via email.

Now, our process is automated and our latest security documents are watermarked and ready for download via Conveyor. We're spending 83% less time sharing security information and would recommend Conveyor to anyone looking for a customer trust solution."

MD Mihai
Senior Information Security Officer

“Sales and customer engagement workflows were made simple with Conveyor.

It reduced the dependency on information security teams, the time it took to share security documentation, collateral access, and execute NDAs. Overall it's had a positive, time saving, and revenue-enabling impact."

Ski (Senthil Kumar Iyyappan)
Principal Advisor - GTM Info Sec

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