CONVEYOR VS. HYPERCOMPLY: Which security review software should you choose?

Infosec teams choose Conveyor over Hypercomply for leading AI automation of security reviews

Customers choose Conveyor for one platform to deflect security questionnaires with a trust center and speed through the questionnaires they do get in minutes (not hours) with the most accurate auto-generated AI answers on the market.

Hypercomply is security review automation software plus vendor risk assessment
Hypercomply has a trust page, data room, and AI for completing security questionnaires but with requires human review on their end to verify accuracy. They also have functionality to help you assess your vendors.
Conveyor is security review automation software
Conveyor also has similar features, yes! However, we are the market leader in a AI-powered trust center and security questionnaire automation with a whopping 95%+ accurate answers that you get instantly without needing human review from our end.
Why choose conveyor?

Market leading AI for instant answers to questionnaires

Hypercomply is a good option for both a trust center and questionnaire automation.
Here are a few key differences to evaluate:

The AI leader in security questionnaire accuracy so you get answers in seconds (not hours)

Other tools claim it, but we have the numbers to back it up. Get instant, accurate answers that don't need human vetting. AI can learn from any source like external sites, documents, and more.

Easy upload complex questionnaire formats + a browser extension that can autofill portals

Upload any file format of questionnaire and get answers instantly. Use the browser extension for any web-based questionnaire including auto-scroll and fill in answers for you.

Enterprise-grade trust center so customers can get documents and AI answers in one click

As one of the top trust center choices on the market, Conveyor makes it easy to automate every part of the document and info sharing process with a full feature set and integrations.

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But Hypercomply offers an AI questionnaire answering solution too...

Yes, that’s right! Hypercomply has a very similar software with one main difference. You can get instant AI answers without waiting for a human on Conveyor's side to vet them.

Here’s why you would use Conveyor's questionnaire automation instead:

  1. Gen AI drafts the best answer in seconds using any source material you point it to (external sites, documents, past answers, and more)
  2. 95%+ accurate answers and sources cited with no human intervention needed to vet answers
  3. Import any original file format for instant processing
  4. Conveyor's browser extension can auto-scroll and fill in answers for you
  5. Integrations to make sales teams happy like uploading from Salesforce

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    Does Conveyor also have trust center software?

    Yes, we do! In fact, that's where we got our start.

    The biggest differentiator is probably our feature set, automation capabilities, and how seamlessly the AI and our questionnaire software is integrated into the entire platform.

    Market leading AI accuracy means your customers can even upload questions to your trust center and get instant AI answers based on your portal content without having to send you the questionnaire.

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    "Conveyor's browser extension helped me complete a 7 page security questionnaire 80% faster than before.

    It's a must-have for us on the pre-sales side."

    TJ Guyton
    Solutions Consultant | Figma
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    Shoot for 95%+ accuracy on AI security questionnaires (and nothing less)