A task-based Git workflow for web agencies.

After running Beanstalk for 10 years, we’ve realized that building for the web is getting harder, not easier. We believe that most teams can benefit from a practical development workflow without reading manuals or creating a mess of integrations. This is why we are building Conveyor.


How does Conveyor help your team?

Consistent process for everyone

There’s nothing to learn or recreate each time a new team member joins, or when you on board a new client.

An opinionated, practical workflow

Anyone can use the Conveyor workflow without reading a manual. And since it’s based on a Git branching model, it is familiar to most developers.

Communication is a by-product

Instead of using multiple tools or steps, Conveyor conveys progress to your team as you work with your code.

Encourages focus

Each branch is a Task, so Conveyor’s workflow encourages developers to work in small increments until they are finished.

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