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Build trust with customers around data security

Conveyor's security & trust platform is connecting hundreds of B2B companies worldwide, all with a single purpose: to help companies find an easier (and faster) way to build trust with each other. 

We simplify the exchange of security information, helping security teams manage security reviews with efficiency, scale, and accuracy.

A trustworthy organization

Create a more trustworthy internet

Conveyor is building the largest network of companies who know data security is a business driver not a cost center. We are creating a more trustworthy internet by simplifying the exchange of security information.

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“Sharing security documentation usually feels like we’re throwing a pile of documents on the floor. With Rooms folders, it’s easy to organize our security documentation so that we can keep track of our documents and provide easy access to customers.”

JoDee Peterson

Customer Trust and Privacy Lead

“I love Conveyor, it makes sharing infosec documentation so much more efficient and saves me a ton of time. I can't believe I didn't have something like it at my previous companies. Now I'm unblocking revenue and closing deals faster.”

Hayk C.

Head of Sales

“Rooms is one of the biggest lifesavers for us. It has cut down the time I spend on RFP requests by 60% and has improved our sales cycles, changing the lead time to instant.”

Mike Kim

Security and Compliance Manager

Simplify building customer trust

Shift left. Move compliance earlier in the sales cycle by streamlining sharing your security posture to customers and prospects. Spend 60% less time responding to customer security reviews by quickly answering questionnaires and enabling instant, self-serve access to security documents.

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Customer questions are automatically answered for you

Streamline Vendor Management

Cut the amount of time you spend on vendor management in half. Connect with your vendors to get up-to-date information, automate vendor risk assessments, and simplify vendor lifecycle management.

Explore Vendor Management

As you find out new data about your vendor, their risk level goes up and down

Build trust with all of your customers for free.

Conveyor provides a full-featured free tier that allows you to start building trust with customers in minutes.

  • NDA-gated access
  • Automated watermarking
  • Customer access groups
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Metrics and reporting
  • and more!
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