See how dbt Labs simplifies the process of trust-sharing, and measures ROI on security efforts.

Never start a security review from scratch again

We've collected the basics on the security policies & practices for the world's top SaaS providers. Skip the Google searches, SOC 2 reviews, and other manual work. Find vendor reports, follow, and connect with your vendors on the network.

Finding trustworthy companies just got a whole lot easier

Unbiased vendor reports

Some review sites today base their reviews on which vendors can “pay to play”, and buy their ratings rather than earn them. Our Vendor Trust Reports are based on publicly available information, and are written in plain language.

We just put out the truth and nothing but the truth.

All the questions you would ask (and a few extra)

Our high-level summaries give you the TL;DR on a vendor’s security posture. You can also dig deeper into info such as data hosting locations, SSL/MFA, SOC 2 availability, and more.

Save hours on each review leveraging the data we already collected for you.

Follow & connect for proactive updates

Follow vendors to get notified of any updates to their profile. They’ll also be added to your Vendor Workspace (i.e. command central). To request more information as part of a vendor review, click “connect” and you’ll be taken on the fastest path to getting the answers you need.

Being proactive has never felt so easy.

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Conveyor's trust platform speeds up any type of security review and helps organizations build trust in a transparent way with current & future customers.
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Don't just take our word for it - see what our customers have to say

“Sharing security documentation usually feels like we’re throwing a pile of documents on the floor. With Rooms folders, it’s easy to organize our security documentation so that we can keep track of our documents and provide easy access to customers.”

JoDee Peterson

Customer Trust and Privacy Lead

“Sales and customer engagement workflows were made simple with Conveyor. It reduced the dependency on information security teams, the time it took to share security documentation, collateral access, and execute NDAs. Overall it's had a positive, time saving, and revenue-enabling impact.”

Ski (Senthil Kumar Iyyappan)

Principal Advisor - GTM Information Security

“As a security practitioner, it's always hard to show the value of security as it relates to revenue. Having the numbers we have now, we know larger deals close at least 5 days faster when a customer accesses our Room.”

Randy Hanooman

Director of IT and Security

“I love Conveyor, it makes sharing infosec documentation so much more efficient and saves me a ton of time. I can't believe I didn't have something like it at my previous companies. Now I'm unblocking revenue and closing deals faster.”

Hayk C.

Head of Sales

“Rooms is one of the biggest lifesavers for us. It has cut down the time I spend on RFP requests by 60% and has improved our sales cycles, changing the lead time to instant.”

Mike Kim

Security and Compliance Manager