CONVEYOR VS. SAFEBASE: Which security review software should you choose?

Infosec teams choose Conveyor over Safebase for leading AI automation of security reviews

Customers choose Conveyor for one platform to deflect security questionnaires with a trust center and speed through the questionnaires they do get in minutes (not hours) with the most accurate auto-generated AI answers on the market.

Safebase is security review automation software
Safebase was solely a trust center software. With their recent acquisition of Stacksi, they now offer AI security questionnaire assistance.
Conveyor is security review automation software
Yes, Conveyor also offers both! However, we are the market leader for an AI-powered trust center and security questionnaire automation with a whopping 90%+ accurate answers.
Why choose conveyor?

Market-leading AI so you can spend less time on security reviews

Safebase is a great trust center solution. Here are a few key differences to evaluate:

The leading AI-powered security questionnaire automation software

Conveyor's natively-built genAI-powered security questionnaire automation software doesn't rely on top match answers or human QA. Teams now spend 91% less time on security questionnaires.

90%+ in security questionnaire accuracy with AI-generated answers in seconds

Other tools claim it, but we have the numbers to back it up. Our market leading AI-powered questionnaire automation software can auto-generate answers with unprecedented accuracy.

Customers can self-serve instant AI answers in your trust center without talking to you

Not only can you speed through questionnaires internally, now customers also can paste in questions to your trust portal and get answers generated from your portal content in seconds.

But we've seen success with Safebase already...

That’s awesome! Safebase is a great trust center solution.

Why customers make the switch:

ConveyorAI uses the latest LLMs and a larger number of sources for the AI to learn from which makes it the market leader in AI accuracy for instant, auto-generated answers to security questionnaires

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But SafeBase now offers security questionnaire assistance too...

Yes, that’s right! SafeBase has a questionnaire response solution as well after their recent acquisition of Stacksi.

Here’s why you would use Conveyor’s questionnaire tool instead:

  1. 90%+ instant, accurate answers and sources cited
  2. Market leading tech uses documents, external sources, Q&A pairs and past edits for better answer precision and coverage
  3. Upload questionnaires in any format for instant processing
  4. Our browser extension brings AI answers to all portal questionnaires. Also, one-click auto-complete is available for a subset of portals (with more coming every month)

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    Does Conveyor also have trust center software?

    Yes, we do! In fact, that's where we got our start.

    We have similar trust centers. The biggest differentiator is our AI and how seamlessly our questionnaire software is integrated into the platform.

    Market leading AI accuracy means your customers can even upload questions to your trust center and get instant AI answers based on your portal content without having to send you the questionnaire.

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    "Being able to control who gets access to sensitive documentation, having an internal and customer-facing knowledge base, and the AI-Questionnaire Automation Software have saved us so much time, streamlined our reviews, and reduced back and forth of emails.

    We're saving 1-3 hours per questionnaire, which adds up quickly."

    Santosh Iyer
    Sr. DevOps Engineer | Mosaic
    Loved by infosec teams at

    Shoot for 90%+ AI accuracy on security questionnaires
    (and nothing less)