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Infosec teams choose Conveyor over Safebase for GPT-powered trust center & 90%+ accurate AI answers to questionnaires

Customers choose Conveyor for one platform to deflect security questionnaires with a trust center and speed through the questionnaires they do get in minutes (not hours) with the most accurate auto-generated AI answers on the market.

what is it?

Conveyor versus Safebase


Safebase was solely a trust center software. With their recent acquisition of Stacksi, they now offer AI security questionnaire assistance.


Hey, that sounds like us! Yes, Conveyor also offers both. However, we are the market leader in GPT-powered customer trust portals and security questionnaire automation with a whopping 90%+ accurate answers.


Benefits for you and your customers

Reduce incoming questionnaires... for good

Conveyor customers see an 80% reduction in questionnaires after using the all-in-one customer trust platform.

A true one-stop shop with extensive functionality

Don't use multiple vendors when you only need one. Use Conveyor for: a secure trust portal, GPT-questionnaire response tool + access to a 5-star questionnaire completion service

One source of truth reduces headaches as you scale

One place to maintain everything for customer security reviews. You can get started with one part of the platform - just sharing documents - and expand to use the questionnaire response tool or completion service as you need.
Why choose conveyor?


Safebase is a great trust center solution. Here are a few key differences to evaluate:

The leading AI-powered security questionnaire automation software

Conveyor's natively-built GPT-powered security questionnaire automation software doesn't rely on top match answers and human QA. Teams now spend 91% less time on security questionnaires.

90%+ in security questionnaire accuracy with AI-generated answers in minutes (not hours)

Other tools claim it, but we have the numbers to back it up. Our market leading AI-powered questionnaire automation software can auto-generate answers with unprecedented accuracy.

A trust portal where customers can self-serve instant AI answers without talking to you

Not only can you speed through questionnaires internally, now customers also can paste in questions to your trust portal and get answers generated from your portal content in seconds.

But we've seen success with Safebase already...

That’s great to hear! Safebase is a great trust center solution.

A few considerations from our customers if you’re evaluating us:

- Conveyor uses the latest LLMs and is the market leader in AI accuracy for auto-generated answers to questionnaires

- One powerful knowledge base enables customers to self-serve AI answers on their own (deflect questionnaires) and for your internal team to speed through questionnaire completion in minutes.

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But Safebase now offers AI-powered security questionnaire assistance too...

Yes, that’s right! Safebase acquired Stacksi, a security questionnaire tool, to offer AI-generated questionnaires for their customers.

Stacksi pulls the closest match answers from your policies and uses a human on their end to vet the answers.

Here’s why you would use Conveyor’s questionnaire tool instead:
Conveyor uses generative AI to draft the best answer in seconds by looking across all of your source material with 90%+ accuracy and sources cited.

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    Does Conveyor also have a trust center software?

    Yes, we do! In fact, that's where we got our start. You can use the trust center + security questionnaire tool to automate the entire security review.

    We have very similar bells and whistles in our trust center solution...

    Think: 1-click NDA, custom URL, share 1 link with customers, automation of access to portal based on domain or Salesforce logic, auto-watermarking of documents, "view only" documents... and much, much more.

    Customers can even upload questionnaires to get instant AI answers based on your portal content.  

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    "Being able to control who gets access to sensitive documentation, having an internal and customer-facing knowledge base, and the GPT-Questionnaire Automation Software have saved us so much time, streamlined our reviews, and reduced back and forth of emails.

    We're saving 1-3 hours per questionnaire, which adds up quickly."

    Sr. DevOps Engineer | Mosaic
    Santosh Iyer
    Loved by infosec teams at

    Shoot for 90%+ accuracy on AI answers to security questionnaires
    (and nothing less)