How we compare

Customers choose Conveyor over Safebase for a full end-to-end solution

Infosec teams choose Conveyor because it’s an end-to-end customer trust platform with a portal for customers to self-serve the answers to their own questions AND also helps teams tackle the questionnaires they do get with the GPT-Questionnaire Eliminator and White-Glove Questionnaire Completion Service.

"I love Conveyor. We moved to Conveyor because it was one place to manage all of our security activities...from a self-service experience for accessing documents to white-glove questionnaire handling from their responsive & knowledgeable team."

Ylan Muller
IT Manager | FireHydrant

Benefits for you and your customers

Reduce incoming questionnaires... for good

Conveyor customers see an 80% reduction in questionnaires after using the all-in-one customer trust platform.

A true one-stop shop with extensive functionality

Don't use multiple vendors when you only need one. Use Conveyor for: a secure trust portal, GPT-questionnaire response tool + access to a 5-star questionnaire completion service

One source of truth reduces headaches as you scale

One place to maintain everything for customer security reviews. You can get started with one part of the platform - just sharing documents - and expand to use the questionnaire response tool or completion service as you need.

"We're spending 83% less time sharing security information and would recommend Conveyor to anyone looking for a customer trust solution."

MD Mihai
Senior Information Security Officer | Mendix

But we've seen success with Safebase already...

We're happy you've seen success with sharing info through Safebase!

But you might still be feeling the pain of responding to questionnaires and having to pay for another tool to do that. Conveyor helps consolidate all of your needs into one platform.

You can prevent questionnaires + have access to cutting-edge tools that help you answer the ones you still get - it's a true end-to-end solution for security reviews.

Customers love the incredibly smooth, automated secure document sharing with the trust portal + the GPT-powered questionnaire response that generates precise answers to entire questionnaires, and our 5-star questionnaire completion service.

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But I'm already using Safebase...

We've heard this a few times. That's why you can try Conveyor for free. Get set up in minutes. You can even get one questionnaire completed for free if you want to try our completion service.

Happy Conveyor customers rave about:

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Prevent questionnaires + answer the ones you do get

Consolidate your tools into one end-to-end trust solution

Customer-Facing Trust Portal

One secure place for your customers to find all of the info they need to complete their security review

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GPT-Powered Questionnaire Response Tool

Super-powered questionnaire response tools to speed up your internal teams using the back end of your trust portal

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Questionnaire Completion Service

Questionnaires completed for you by our experts, plus trust portal Knowledge Base curation to keep things fresh

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