Fast-track customer security reviews: Slack integration simplifies building trust with customers and prospects

April 18, 2022

With the Slack integration for Conveyor, internal teams can see in real-time incoming customer and prospect requests for security information. You can review and approve (or deny) these requests all from Slack, simplifying workflows, speeding customer access to the security info they need, and arming sales with important insights on their deals.

Customer Security Questionnaires: 6 tips for enabling your sales teams to speed up the security review process

March 29, 2022

Organizations who include their sales teams in the automation of security review and customer security questionnaire processes have cut a full 5 days off of their sales cycle. So what are their secrets? Read on to find out.

Vendor Security Reviews: New functionality makes vendor security reviews better for customers & vendors alike

March 16, 2022

Make sure vendor security reviews don't take up more time than they need to. Conveyor is constantly releasing new product features to improve vendor security reviews for vendors and their customers. No matter which side of the review you're managing, check out how Conveyor can help.

Creating Trust through Transparency: Vendor Trust Reports now available

January 3, 2022

Vendor security reviews may not be fun, but they are definitely necessary. Never start a vendor review from scratch again with our Vendor Trust Reports. We summarize all the information you want to know, and allow you to subscribe for updates.

Important factors to consider when conducting a vendor security review

November 16, 2021

Using these key trust indicators will give you a solid basis for building your vendor security questionnaire and help you quickly understand how their security posture matches up with your business requirements. 

Measure your security team's impact on pipeline with Conveyor x Salesforce integration

October 26, 2021

By connecting your Conveyor account with your Salesforce CRM, you’ll be able to report on the pipeline and revenue that is influenced by security reviews. For the first time ever, security teams will be able to have concrete metrics that measure their impact on the business.

Trust portals: what they are and why you need one

October 22, 2021

Like a security page but better — a trust portal is the best way to centralize and streamline a process that is increasingly critical to closing and retaining business. Find out what they are, why you need one, and what to include in a portal.

Security Questionnaires are not RFPs

October 13, 2021

Based on our customer benchmark report findings, using RFP software to respond to security questionnaires brings on additional challenges for security teams. See how you can use Conveyor to reduce the pains that come with customer security assessments.

How Hypergrowth Companies Build Customer Trust

September 23, 2021

Learn how growing B2B SaaS companies reduce the pain of responding to security reviews by taking a proactive and segmented approach to building trust with customers. We provide a model for you to operate like the best security teams.