Do more in a single platform

One source of truth for everyone

Bypass all the back and forth. Your customers now have a single place where they access everything.

Reduce the number of questions you get

When customers self serve what they need, you get less questionnaires.

Automation to make your heart sing

Scale easily and collaborate with other teams more effectively.

From a cost center to source of sales growth

Security teams have been viewed as a cost center in the past. Change that perception with robust metrics & insights
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Nathan Ricketts
Information Security
"Conveyor's GPT-questionnaire automation software is a welcome addition to our workflow. I’m impressed with how quickly Conveyor adopted this technology. It shows their dedication to solving this problem in an innovative way.”
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Mike Kim
Security & Compliance Manager
“Rooms is one of the biggest lifesavers for us. It has cut down the time I spend on RFP requests by 60% and has improved our sales cycles, changing the lead time to instant.”
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Randy Hanooman
Director of IT & Security
"As a security practitioner, it's always hard to show the value of security as it relates to revenue. Having the numbers we have now, we know larger deals close at least 5 days faster when a customer accesses our Room."
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Ski (Senthil Kumar Iyyappan)
Principal Advisor - GTM Information Security | Freshworks
“Sales and customer engagement workflows were made simple with Conveyor. It reduced the dependency on information security teams, the time it took to share security documentation, collateral access, and execute NDAs. Overall it's had a positive, time saving, and revenue-enabling impact.”
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Approve access requests directly in Slack & see customer activity

Sales can follow along and track customer activity in Slack

Search your Knowledge Base without leaving Slack

Tie security efforts to opportunities in Salesforce and prioritize questionnaires by revenue

Auto-bypass NDA's if there's already a record of one signed in Salesforce

Auto-approve access requests based on Salesforce logic

Sales teams can upload questionnaires in Salesforce to process in Conveyor

Manage Trust Center Access

Grant access to customer or prospects based on attribute in your own CRM or database. We give you code examples in popular languages to get you started.

Analytics API

Measure security review activities by using the API to get data out of Conveyor, into your data warehouse of choice, and into your typical visualization tools.

Pricing plans to fit your needs

From a forever Free plan all the way up to fully automated, feature rich Enterprise plans, there’s something for teams of all sizes.

One platform to get customers the answers they need on-demand