ConveyorAI: the market-leader in AI accuracy

We incorporated state-of-the-art LLMs into Conveyor in 2022 and we haven’t stopped pioneering a better (easier) way to let AI take on the manual tasks of security reviews.

Conveyor AI vs. Competition

Where accuracy matters, Conveyor is the clear choice.

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Security Review
RFP Software
Compliance Software
AI answer accuracy
High accuracy for multi-product orgs
AI reads from external sources and
documents to generate answers
Auto-learns from past answers
Q&A pairs to maintain for AI
< 400
Instant import all original file formats
Fully automated workflows

The only AI you want for
security reviews

Unmatched Accuracy

ConveyorAI leverages best in class LLMs for different tasks, and uses a multi-hop approach to get the most accurate information for different question types.

Learns from Any Source

Easily link ConveyorAI to any source for use in answer generation like external websites, help centers, product releases, documents, product marketing decks, company wikis, Q&A pairs, and past answers.

<0.01% Hallucination Rate

Every answer is validated to ensure consistency with the data sources, and includes the cited sources as reference, drastically reducing the chance for hallucinations.

No Black Boxes

Every answer is sourced, cited, and securely linked so you know where the answer came from.

Making your life easy
Can proactively flag gaps or inconsistencies
Can cite every source
Knows 50+ Languages
Auto-imports every format
Teaches itself to get smarter
Needs fewer Q&A pairs for accurate answers
Collaborate with SMEs and remember every answer
Content automatically stays fresh with low maintenance

Multiple layers of business context

Conveyor uses custom Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) techniques to convert your internal and external context into a single source of information. The LLM can then use that index to source and cite generated answers with a bias for recency.


Continuously updated knowledge graph

The Conveyor engine translates complex queries, routes them logically to specialized LLMs, and constructs queries into a vector database. Complex indexing and retrieval flows constantly autosync new information - the system is always learning and improving.


Business-driven sourced answers

The Conveyor engine understands the intent, verbosity, and natural language when answering security questionnaires or RFPs. There are no “black boxes”: every generation includes source citation and link. Workflow tools always export to the original format in a single click.

Principles we live by

Without high accuracy rates, the rest doesn't matter

Without consistent testing and benchmarking of AI answers, teams are left with answers they have to re-write. Our target is 100% accuracy with no human edits needed.

Maintenance should be left to the AI, not humans

Automation doesn't deliver true value if you spend hours maintaining source material. We're building towards a zero-touch future where AI proactively identifies and links to sources it needs.

Workflows have to be fully automated, not just "usable"

Generating accurate AI answers is one piece of the puzzle. Designing fully automated workflows to fit every use case is the hard part. We envision 1-click automation for any manual workflow you struggle with.

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