CONVEYOR VS. LOOPIO: Choosing the right security questionnaire software

Infosec teams choose Conveyor over Loopio for 95%+ accurate security questionnaire answers

Infosec and presales teams choose Conveyor to speed through questionnaires in minutes (not hours) with the most accurate auto-generated AI answers on the market.

No more maintaining a thousands of Q&A pairs because ConveyorAI learns from external sources, documents, and past edits.

Loopio is request for proposal (RFP) software
Loopio is RFP software designed to help teams respond to broader requests for proposals. Though it can also fill in questionnaires, their focus is on RFPs as a whole. Direct competitors include
Conveyor is security review automation software
Conveyor is the leading AI automation software for security reviews built to handle everything from sharing security documents to generating instant AI answers to security questionnaires.
Conveyor AI vs. Competition

Where accuracy matters, Conveyor is the clear choice.

Let’s set up your POC today, so you can see for yourself.

Security Review
RFP Software
Compliance Software
AI answer accuracy
High accuracy for multi-product orgs
AI reads from external sources and
documents to generate answers
Auto-learns from past answers
Q&A pairs to maintain for AI
< 400
Instant import all original file formats
Fully automated workflows

Accuracy + low maintenance knowledge library

While Loopio can auto-fill questionnaires, their focus is RFPs and the answer retrieval is not based on security context. Using Loopio requires maintaining a knowledge base of thousands of Q&A pairs.

Use AI to spend (almost) zero time filling out questionnaires

Use the most accurate AI on the market to auto-generate a first draft of questionnaire answers for you. Handles any format with ease with answers you don't have to re-write.

Fewer Q&A pairs to maintain because AI uses other sources

Stop maintaining a 2,000 question knowledge base when ConveyorAI can link to external sources, and use both documents and past edits to generate answers.

Prevent the questionnaire in the first place

House and share sensitive documents in the Conveyor trust center to help reduce questionnaires by 80% because customers can find what they need using one URL.

But, doesn't Loopio auto-fill questionnaires too?

With Loopio, you can auto-fill security questionnaire answers, but it doesn't always bring back the right answer.

Unlike existing tools on the market, Conveyor's questionnaire response software can handle any complex format of questionnaire and generates 95%+ accurate responses in seconds that you don't have to re-write.

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No more knowledge base maintenance when ConveyorAI uses external sources + documents

Conveyor's AI achieves high accuracy of questionnaire answers by using any external source, documents, past edits, and a pared down knowledge base of Q&A pairs.

That means less maintenance for you when you can simply upload an updated policy and let AI use it as source material.

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    One-click auto-complete portal-based questionnaires

    A flexible browser extension, compatible with all online portals, allows you to tackle portal-based questionnaires with ease.

    There's even a deeper integration with a handful of portals where it will auto-scroll and fill in unanswered questions on its own.

    Get seamless sync back to the app so you keep a record of your answers.

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    Market-leading AI means your customers can self-serve their own answers

    With Conveyor, you get more than just an internal tool to answer security questionnaires.

    Everything in your trust center can also be used in your customer-facing trust center for your customers to upload a questionnaire to get AI answers instantly.

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      But I'm already using Loopio...

      Loopio can absolutely address your questionnaire and RFP needs. It can find a matches to questions from your knowledge base.

      But you can always give Conveyor a try for free! Conveyor works for questionnaires and has expanded to RFPs.

      With Conveyor's generative AI, you don't have to store a dozen variations of the same question and the AI auto-generated answers are 95%+ accurate.

      Test our AI with your own data in a free proof of concept.

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      “We got the time spent per question from 4 minutes down to 22 seconds which reflected a 91% reduction in time spent on questionnaires.  If we lost Conveyor, it would grind security to a halt.”

      Derek Gray
      Sr. Security Analyst | Lucid Software
      Loved by infosec teams at

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