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Customers choose Conveyor over Loopio for confidence in auto-generated answers

Infosec teams choose Conveyor to speed through questionnaires in minutes (not days) and with more confidence in the generated answers than ever before.

Oh, and Conveyor is an end-to-end trust portal solution to help you reduce questionnaires overall so you get three solutions in one - a trust portal for sharing documents & FAQs, a questionnaire response tool and access to white-glove questionnaire completion service.

"With Conveyor generating answers based on our knowledge base, we see better quality and better consistency in our questionnaire responses. I just feel... empowered."

Nathan Ricketts
Security Compliance Engineer | Carta


Spend (almost) zero time filling out questionnaires when AI takes a first pass for you

In a few easy steps, get entire questionnaires auto-generated for you with unparalleled accuracy.

No more re-writing matches with generative answering

With GPT-3, Conveyor can generate precise answers to customer questions - even if they're asked in slightly different ways from what's in your knowledge base.

Prevent the questionnaire in the first place

Conveyor customers see an 80% reduction in questionnaires after using the all-in-one customer trust platform.

But, doesn't Loopio auto-fill questionnaires too?

Unlike existing tools on the market, Conveyor's questionnaire response tool doesn't only find top matches, it uses GPT-3 to generate tailored responses to the exact questions asked so completing hundreds of questions takes minutes, not hours.

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Why maintain multiple libraries?

Conveyor is your one stop shop trust platform which means the same Knowledge Base that you use for questionnaire response can be turned customer-facing to allow customers to self serve.

You get three tools for the cost of one - with a trust portal for sharing security information and documents and access to a white-glove questionnaire completion service when you don't have time to complete the questionnaires.

Happy Conveyor customers rave about:

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But I'm already using Loopio...

We hear this a lot. That's why you can try Conveyor for free. Getting set up is simple - upload past questionnaires to your Knowledge Base, upload your new questionnaire - hit 'Go!" - and get answers populated for you.

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Customer Trust Platform

Eliminate incoming security questionnaires 🙅

Conveyor's all-in-one Customer Trust software platform helps you reduce incoming questionnaires & provide a superior customer experience

Customer-Facing Trust Portal

One secure place for your customers to find all of the info they need to complete their security review

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AI-Powered Questionnaire Response Tool

Super-powered questionnaire response tools to speed up your internal teams using the back end of your trust portal

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Questionnaire Completion Service

Questionnaires completed for you by our experts, plus trust portal Knowledge Base curation to keep things fresh

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