Your Guide to Modern Security Review KPIs for Every Infosec & Presales Team

The ultimate guide to benchmarking performance of your team's impact on the customer security review process

Using security and compliance due diligence as a competitive advantage can increase win rates by 42%. So, how's your team doing?

After analyzing how thousands of companies build trust with each other through the B2B customer security review process (sharing security documents and passing back and forth a security questionnaire), this is how the best performing teams measure their impact.

Get this "ultimate KPI guide" to all of the metrics you need to use when communicating your team's impact on revenue through the customer security review process.

Inside the report:

  • Key metrics with calculations for: speed, business impact, customer satisfaction and internal adoption.
  • Benchmarks from "best-in-class" organizations for each metric
  • Tips on how to use security reviews to increase win rate by 42%