Instantly respond to customer security questions with AI

Conveyor's market-leading AI security review platform lets your customers self-serve your SOC 2 and other security FAQs. It also helps your internal teams answer security questions instantly with accurate AI.

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Spend almost zero time on security reviews

Save hundreds of hours

Conveyor has reduced time spent on questionnaires by 90%+, and with unbeatable accuracy, teams are spending just seconds reviewing questionnaires.

Little maintenance needed

ConveyorAI can read from documents, your knowledge base, and past approved answers so keeping an updated source of truth is a breeze.

Accuracy you can trust

Conveyor's GPT-powered security questionnaire software goes beyond "nearest match". It crafts precise answers to each question, no matter the format or nuance.

Let sales self-serve

Empower Sales to share the great work you've done on security & compliance and answer their customer's security questions with blessed content.  
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How Conveyor works

Your team or sales can share one URL with customers to let them self-serve documents, answers, and even entire quesitonnaires with AI in your trust center.
Trust Center
If you get a questionnaire, upload it to Conveyor or use the browser-extension for portals and get instant, accurate AI answers. Review and collaborate with other teams to get it back to the customer fast.
AI for Questionnaires

“We got the time spent per question from 4 minutes down to 22 seconds which reflected a 91% reduction in time spent on questionnaires.  If we lost Conveyor, it would grind security to a halt.”

Derek Gray
Sr. Security Analyst | Lucid Software
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"Conveyor's browser extension just helped me complete a 7 page security questionnaire 80% faster than before.

It's a must-have for us on the pre-sales side."

TJ Guyton
Solutions Consultant @ Figma

"If Conveyor disappeared tomorrow, we would be sad and anxious – it has become essential to our workflow.

We're saving 1-3 hours per questionnaire, which adds up quickly."

Santosh Iyer
Sr. DevOps Engineer

"Smooth & fast to adopt as a service"
Easy to use, very intuitive, great customer success and support. The product is a huge time saver. The integration & implementation is very simple.

Sagiv Y.
Enterprise (> 1,000 emp.)

"Conveyor has been a game-changer for Carta.

We love how Conveyor continually innovates and evolves its product capabilities, enabling us to stay ahead of customer demands while also providing efficiency and accuracy at scale."

Nathan Ricketts
Information Security

"Conveyor helps us do more with less - especially with a lean security team. Without Conveyor, it would be an absolute disaster."

Randy Hanooman
Manager, Security & Compliance

No more security review headaches.
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