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Fully automate approval and access requests and measure your team's impact on revenue


The Salesforce integration helps you measure the impact of trust-building on revenue, and saves you time by providing context about your access requests & connections.

Measure your business impact

Curious how your Rooms activity contributes to your company's top line revenue? Need to make the case to the higher-ups that you need more resources? By installing our Salesforce integration, you'll get a new graph on your Dashboard that shows revenue associated to your Rooms connections.

Save time reviewing access requests

If you need to verify that a customer knocking on your Room door is a legitimate contact is in Salesforce, that information is now at your fingertips.  Access Requests and Connections are now matched to Salesforce Account records and just a click away.

How to use Conveyor and Salesforce

  • Click "Add Integration" on your Organization Preferences and select "Salesforce"
  • OAuth using an Admin credential or a scoped-down read only credential as described in our documentation.
say goodbye to security review headaches

Automate the entire security review with Conveyor