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Get notifications, manage customer requests, and view customer activity in Slack


By integrating Conveyor with Slack you can notify collaborators of a ticket that's been assigned to them; and then they can respond as well as upload documents directly to the notification instead of needing to log into Conveyor. Save time by having collaborators use the tool they are already familiar with instead of them having to onboard and use a new tool. Conveyor uses collaborators name and email to pattern match and find the right contact, sending them a Direct Message preventing you from having to make and maintain new channels for compliance notifications.

Create Slack Notifications from Conveyor Tickets

When a ticket is assigned to a person in Conveyor a Slack notification will automatically be sent to that person upon creation. Conveyor will automatically pattern match based on the email of the user to find the appropriate Slack person to notify.

say goodbye to security review headaches

Automate the entire security review with Conveyor