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Know any infosec or sales teams that are being overrun by security questionnaires? We’d love to meet them and help them save hundreds of hours.

Receive a $350 gift card for a referred company that becomes a Conveyor opportunity*.

How it works

Simply submit the info of the infosec or sales decision-maker you'd like to refer, and if they turn into a Conveyor opportunity, you'll receive the following:

You'll receive a USD gift card for a referred company that becomes a Conveyor opportunity*.

Referral Program FAQs

Can I participate if I don’t use Conveyor?
How do I track my referral status?
When do I receive my referral incentive?
Why was my referral not accepted?
What qualifies as a successful referral?
What kind of job title and companies make good referrals?

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Referral Program Terms

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