Go Beyond RFP 
Response Software

Conveyor is more than an RFP response tool.

It's the only platform that helps you easily prove your security posture so customers know you're trustworthy from the start.

From secure document sharing to an AI security questionnaire response automation software, Conveyor helps you automate customer security reviews from start to finish.

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Trust Centers Created and Counting...


Security Reviews Conducted Between Vendors Using Conveyor and Their Customers


Security Documents Downloaded

Share security documents securely

Get ahead of the security review and increase win rates by proactively and securely sharing SOC 2 reports and other frequently requested docs through a one-click NDA process.

Security questionnaire automation

Even with upfront document sharing, you may still receive a security questionnaire.

Luckily, our AI helps you speed the RFP response time by 80% or more by generating instant, accurate answers using everything in your trust center.

Report on your value through insights

Prove your value to the business with insights into the revenue tied to security reviews, customer activity, and how effective and efficient your process is.


Get customers instant accurate answers to their security review