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Conveyor is more than an RFP response tool. It's the only platform that helps you easily prove your security posture so customers know you're trustworthy from the start.

From secure document sharing to a searchable knowledge bank, Conveyor manages security reviews from start to finish — building customer trust faster.

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Share security documents securely

Conveyor's trust platform offers more than just RFP response. Get ahead of the security review process by proactively (and securely) sharing SOC 2 reports, pen tests, and other frequently requested security docs. We even help automate the NDA & watermarking process!

Security questionnaire automation

Even with upfront document sharing, you may still receive a security questionnaire. Luckily you can populate your answer bank with FAQs, and our search & auto-populate helps you speed the RFP response time by 50% or more.

Report on usage activity & progress

No more sending out links or attachments to customers and having no idea if they've even looked at it. In your dashboard you can see who's accessed their Room, downloaded security documents, and/or requested further information.

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