Infosec teams choose Conveyor over Whistic for leading AI automation of security reviews

Infosec teams choose Conveyor to automate every type of customer security review,
from sharing your security documents to answering complex questionnaires with AI.

With industry-leading AI accuracy, spend almost zero time on mind-numbing manual tasks.

Whistic is a third party risk + trust platform
Whistic is a third party risk management software that also supports document sharing with a Whistic profile. Their smart response tool is in a beta with limited information available.
Conveyor is security review automation software
Conveyor is a security review automation platform that has a trust portal for securely sharing sensitive documents as well as industry leading AI for answering security questionnaires.
Conveyor AI vs. Competition

Where accuracy matters, Conveyor is the clear choice.

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Security Review
RFP Software
Compliance Software
AI answer accuracy
High accuracy for multi-product orgs
AI reads from external sources and
documents to generate answers
Auto-learns from past answers
Q&A pairs to maintain for AI
< 400
Instant import all original file formats
Fully automated workflows
Why choose conveyor?

Market leading AI
that works for any type of customer security review

Whistic is a great trust center solution. Here are a few key differences to evaluate:

A trust portal that customers can easily access without creating an account

Password-less login to your Conveyor trust portal means more customers will self-serve the information they need for their security review without bothering you. + AI and all the bells & whistles for the best customer experience.

The leading AI-powered security questionnaire automation software

Conveyor's AI-powered security questionnaire automation software has advanced features to speed every workflow including handling all formats with ease. Teams now spend 91% less time on security questionnaires.

95%+ in security questionnaire accuracy with AI-generated answers in minutes (not hours)

Other tools claim it, but we have the numbers to back it up. Our market leading AI-powered questionnaire automation software can auto-generate answers with unprecedented accuracy using everything in your trust portal as a source.

But I've already seen success using Whistic's trust center...

That’s awesome! Whistic is a good trust center solution.

A few reasons why customers choose Conveyor:

  • Passwordless login for your customers -- they don't have to create an account to access your info
  • Trust portal built for automation, speed, and the best customer experience
  • You'll still get questionnaires and Conveyor is the market leader in AI accuracy for auto-generated answers to questionnaires.
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But Whistic has a questionnaire automation tool now too...

Yes, that’s right! Whistic appears to offer AI-generated questionnaire response in beta and there is limited information on it.

Here’s why you would use Conveyor’s questionnaire tool instead:

  1. Conveyor uses generative AI to draft the best answer in seconds by looking across all of your source material (documents, knowledge base)
  2. 95%+ accurate answers and sources cited -- also easy workflow for editing sources on the fly
  3. Ability to handle all formats of questionnaires including one click auto-complete of online portals
  4. Integrations to make sales teams happy like uploading from Salesforce

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    Does Conveyor also have a trust center software?

    Yes, we do! In fact, that's where we got our start.

    We have similar trust centers. The biggest differentiator is our AI and that customers don't have to create an account to access your information.

    With our AI, your customers can even bring their questions to your trust center and get instant AI answers based on your portal content.  

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    "Being able to control who gets access to sensitive documentation, having an internal and customer-facing knowledge base, and the AI-Questionnaire Automation Software have saved us so much time, streamlined our reviews, and reduced back and forth of emails.

    We're saving 1-3 hours per questionnaire, which adds up quickly."

    Santosh Iyer
    Sr. DevOps Engineer | Mosaic
    Loved by infosec teams at
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    Don't settle for anything less than 95%+ AI accuracy