Never start a vendor review from scratch again. Public vendor security reports - now available!
Prospect self-serving answers from Conveyor trust platform

Building trust with customers has never been easier

From secure document sharing to answering questionnaires to reporting on the ROI of your security team’s efforts, Conveyor empowers high-growth companies to save time on security reviews - no matter what the customer requests. Build your trust karma with Conveyor.

See what a Conveyor Room looks likeSee what a Conveyor Room looks like

One platform t0 help speed up every type of security review

For extensive questionnaires

Some customers just won't be satisfied with your standardized questionnaire response.

For those lengthy questionnaires, our experienced team will complete the questionnaire for you and send it back in 72 hours (or less)

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Instant access to security artifacts

Prospects can access security documents you upload through a virtual data room. Simple approval of requests for access to your Room. NDA gating and document watermarking are built-in, so customers self-serve the updated information they need with no delays.

This is an example Conveyor Room on the shared reports and documents page
This is an example Conveyor Room on the shared reports and documents page

Public, searchable question & answer bank

Give customers and prospects self-serve access to the questions they need to buy your product. Choose which questions to make publicly available and which you want to gate behind an NDA. Save time for the security team as well as your customers.

Smart search tool
Smart search tool

Impactful insights

Seeing which questions are asked most often and which documents are most frequently accessed can help you gauge what matters most to your customers. Measure how many accounts you’ve touched, how much pipeline you’ve influenced, and how much time you’ve saved.

An example of CRM reporting you will get with a Conveyor Room
An example of CRM reporting you will get with a Conveyor Room
View an example Conveyor Room to see what your customers would experience

Knock out security questionnaires with fast, AI-curated search

Smart search searches both your Knowledge Base and uploaded security documents to find what you’re looking for, even if not worded exactly correctly. Assign curators to specific questions so subject matter experts are responsible for keeping answers accurate and up to date. Auto-notification to approve/review Q&As.

View of a matched search in the database for the question "Do you encrypt data?"

Easy, breezy, cross-team collaboration

Grant permissions to different internal users so they can take a first pass at the security questionnaires. Collaboration features allow internal teams to request verification from the question owner, ensuring the most accurate information is represented.

Collaborate across security, legal, procurement, and other teams on your vendor security review.

Questionnaires completed for you in 72 hours

Respond to questionnaires with zero effort. Our expert security & compliance team will complete your questionnaires for you with minimal data required. All you need to get started is to upload a few security documents and past questionnaires and we’ll take it from there!

Questionnaire response service
Questionnaire response service