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Simplify building customer trust

Building trust with customers and prospects is a critical step in the sales process. Conveyor simplifies the process of sharing security documentation & responding to customer security questionnaires. With a platform that includes a secure, virtual data room and an easily searchable, up-to-date knowledge base, you'll spend 60% less time responding to customer security reviews.

Restricting access to specific customers

Automate sharing security documents

Prospects need to see proof of your security posture: SOC 2 reports, penetration tests, disaster recovery plans, and more. Simplify the process of sharing these in a secure, virtual data room that includes out-of-the-box NDA automation and document watermarking.

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Streamline responding to questionnaires

Reduce the number of security questionnaires you receive with an external Knowledge Base of commonly asked questions. And for those customers who still require a more in-depth security review, use Conveyor to simplify the questionnaire response, manage workflows, and track the progress of the review.

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