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Automate sharing security documents

Conveyor includes Rooms, a virtual data room solution that helps compliance and sales teams build customer trust by providing customers and prospects with secure, self-serve access to the security documentation they need.

Graphic showing sales enabled by building trust

A better way to share security documents

Go from document shared to downloaded, and all the steps in between, in minutes not weeks.


Share documents securely

Rooms makes it easy to ensure that only the people who need access get your documents. You grant access to the individuals who should have it, and can automate the NDA gating. To prevent documents leaks, all documents are automatically watermarked.

Organize content and limit access

Share only the documents each customers needs. Using folders and access groups you can create unique sets of documents for each customer. Or, create common sets that are shared with many customers for more generic reviews.

Simple invitations

Skip the back-and-forth to deliver security documents, send invites in seconds. Rooms gives you multiple ways to securely share security documents, either by sending a link to your sales team, or triggering an email invitation.

Sales intelligence

Get metrics that prove the value of your security efforts by seeing which customers and prospects are are accessing security documents, and which documents are viewed and downloaded most. Custom reporting is available with some subscriptions, to help you measure the pipeline influence of your security processes.

Provide secure, self-serve access to security documents

Gate content behind a click-through or DocuSign NDA. Each document is watermarked with your customer’s email and download time.
Sharing a watermarked SOC 2 Report
No more creating new drive folders for each customer. Simply share via email or link and easily set the appropriate access levels for each invitee.
Inviting a customer to view your Room
Share only the documents that each customer needs. Update documents once and changes will be reflected for all your customers.
Restricting access to specific customers
Easily track and analyze who is accessing your security docucments and what they view to see which documents have been making an impact with your customers.
Metrics on how your room is doing