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FireHydrant offloads the worst parts of the security review to Conveyor and speeds up the sales cycle by 11 days

“Run, don’t walk, to your closest Conveyor signup link.

We’re seeing fewer questionnaires by deflecting them with a trust portal. The biggest frustrations with our previous security review process have gone away after using Conveyor.”
Ylan Muller
IT Manager
FireHydrant is a full-cycle incident management platform that replaces siloed knowledge, disparate tools, and homegrown processes to make it simple for teams to efficiently and consistently respond to incidents — and ultimately, to learn from them.  Used by teams at Drift, Snyk, Outreach, and others, FireHydrant envisions a world where all software is reliable. 

Business challenge

FireHydrant, a Series B tech company, has experienced explosive growth over the past few years and has seen success helping companies of all sizes from SMB to Enterprise customers. Because their platform integrates with sensitive systems such as engineering and communication tech stacks, FireHydrant is put through a security review by almost every type of company.

This involves having to share security documentation with customers and/or completing tedious security questionnaires for customers before a deal can close.

A manual, challenging process

When customers requested security documentation (information security policies, a copy of their SOC 2 Type II report and more), the Sales team had to make sure there was an NDA in place before they would manually send over copies of requested documents via email. The back and forth of the NDA alone – including redlines and signatures – could take days. 

Not only was the document sending process incredibly manual, the security questionnaire completion took even longer in most instances. For many questionnaires, Ylan Muller - FireHydrant’s IT Manager who oversaw the process -  even had to route questions to senior executives, resulting in hours of manual work that took away from critical business and security-related activities. 

Delays led to frustration

These delays in the sales cycle frustrated Ylan and her team as the company grew. In order to proactively address this challenge and avoid hindering growth, FireHydrant decided to invest in a security questionnaire response software. 

The software they purchased came with a service where Ylan’s team sent security questionnaires to the provider to complete, but despite implementing this outsourced approach, Ylan mentioned that, “The process of delivering completed security questionnaires back to customers still took several days, and in some cases, weeks, which continued to delay the sales process.”

The main challenges with the software they originally purchased were:

  • No centralized knowledge base available as a software feature which led to inaccurate, outdated answers. With no way of maintaining a fresh question and answer repository, Ylan and her team still had to spend hours meticulously reviewing each questionnaire they got back from the provider which increased delay time.
  • Lack of communication when SLAs were delayed. “It was like dropping a questionnaire into a black hole and not knowing when it would get back to us,” Ylan noted.
  • No trust portal for sharing documentation. The software was unable to provide a crucial security review activity - automating document sharing and the NDA process.

So… the search was on for a new security review automation software.

To address their pains, FireHydrant was looking for these main features:

A portal to deflect questionnaires so customers can self-serve security information

The ability to host a knowledge base that was referenceable with content management tools

A questionnaire completion service that was reliable

From "Proof of Concept" to “Onboarded” in 2 weeks  

FireHydrant came to Conveyor with a few competitors already in mind that provided both a hosted trust portal and a questionnaire completion service and the team was eager to try a proof of concept to compare the solutions they were evaluating. 

During the week-long proof of concept (or POC), Conveyor’s customer success team helped set up FireHydrant’s knowledge base in the Conveyor platform - which would be used to power the questionnaire answering service and the Slack integration for communication between FireHydrant and Conveyor teams.  

FireHydrant sent over two questionnaires to be completed during this time and Ylan was impressed with the quality of the responses as well as being able to understand the status of the questionnaire through Slack.

Ahead of the pack

Ultimately, they chose Conveyor for its enterprise-friendly features like SSO and role-based access and a Docusign integration for NDA signatures.

Additionally, they felt that they had found a true partner with Conveyor with the responsiveness on enablement and ongoing support from customer success.

Because FireHydrant engaged in a proof of concept, onboarding was nearly effortless. The team was able to start sharing their portal within a week of the completion of the POC.

Using the trust portal, FireHydrant was able to speed up the questionnaire turnaround time by 11 days which delighted the sales team.

Platform features that were impactful

There were several aspects of the product that were particularly impactful to the FireHydrant team and have become a critical part of their new workflows:

Trust portal for document sharing
Impact: “We rely heavily on the self-service portal to give prospects and customers access to the information they need without having to spend time running through questionnaires,” says Ylan. “In fact, we’re seeing fewer questionnaires as a result, which is a relief for my team.”
Slack integration
Impact: The trust portal integrates fully with Slack, allowing FireHydrant’s team to approve access in a frictionless way, and often within minutes of receiving the request to the portal.

The FireHydrant team could also be notified when a customer or prospect interacted with their trust portal information, giving key insight into their engagement with the deal.
1-Click NDAs
Before Conveyor, trying to get a customer to sign an NDA before FireHydrant could send over the requested security documents was like playing a game of ping pong and caused days-long delays.

Impact: Now, the process is instant when the customer can click to accept the NDA right in the portal and get instant access to protected security documents.

A nearly questionnaire-free existence

Just like before, FireHydrant wanted to pass any questionnaires they did still receive to Conveyor to complete on their behalf. 

Unlike before, FireHydrant now receives completed questionnaires back within 72 business hours, has a clear view into the status of in-flight questionnaires and spends just minutes on review, instead of the hours it used to take. 

With the precise and accurate answers Ylan has come to rely on from Conveyor, she was able to become the sole reviewer and eliminate the need for her senior executives to be involved in the process entirely.

Of course, no KB is ever done - on the rare occasions where other parties are involved, their knowledge is captured seamlessly into the Conveyor and can be approved and used in future questionnaires.

Ylan can now reliably tell her Sales team that a customer questionnaire will be turned around within a few days instead of weeks. Additionally, with Conveyor’s close partnership, sales leaders can stay apprised on the status of in-flight questionnaires within Slack or the Conveyor portal, providing the visibility they need into deal progression.

Ylan can now reliably tell her Sales team that a customer questionnaire will be turned around within a few days instead of weeks.

What would life be like without Conveyor?

“If Conveyor went away today, it would be an uphill battle to get back to where we are today with our security review process. It would be such a shame to go back to the old way of doing things. I don’t even want to think about having to find another company to partner with us like Conveyor has,” says Ylan. 

Before Conveyor, FireHydrant was spending one to two weeks getting security questionnaires back to their customers. After using Conveyor, they have cut that down to an average of three days. 

The Sales team is now able to effortlessly share documents through Conveyor's trust portal, complete with a simple click-through NDA. This impressive feature has impressed the team who is currently relishing in the faster turnaround times for security reviews.

When asked what Ylan values the most about the Conveyor partnership, she mentioned four things:

  1. The rate of innovation and pace at which new features come out has been impressive
  2. The ability to provide feedback and get things addressed quickly
  3. Overall support from both the white-glove service and Customer Success feels thoughtful and personalized
  4. Most of all, it has saved them time

“Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Conveyor sign up link,” says Ylan, “It was very easy to trial the platform. Working with the Conveyor team on the proof of concept gave me the confidence that the platform would fit well into our workflow and that we’d see tremendous value immediately.”

“If Conveyor went away today, it would be an uphill battle to get back to where we are today with our security review process.

It would be such a shame to go back to the old way of doing things. I don’t even want to think about having to find another company to partner with us like Conveyor has!"

Ylan Muller
IT Manager
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