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15 min
Send us content for your library
Email us your security documents + past questionnaires and we’ll build your knowledge graph
30 min
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1-2 hours
Testing time
Delete out answers to an old questionnaire, upload, and compare results. Also, assess workflow.
What should you evaluate?
% accurate answers the AI generated on the first pass
How easily Conveyor can fit into your workflow with import/export, collaboration, and browser extension for portals
Amount of time end-to-end it takes to get a completed questionnaire back to the customer
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What is a credit?
How is usage measured?
Do I have to use a Trust Center credit for a domain I use a Questionnaire credit for?
How can I add more credits?
What happens if I go over my number of credits?
What is your policy regarding sales tax?
Are you allowing any sales tax exemption?
Can I pay by credit card?