Conveyor Method

Using the latest advancements in AI to build a product that solves the security review problem in its entirety.

01 Why are we here?

Real cybersecurity work isn’t done by filling out a customer questionnaire, yet this manual task has become a top priority for many infosec teams because sales deals are on the line.

Here at Conveyor, we’re building an AI-first solution to take the tedious work off your plate – not because it’s a fad, but because it’s an incredible tool for understanding and representing context.

Advances in technology combined with thoughtful software can create an experience equivalent to the best infosec analyst. One that can accurately answer any question, for any customer, at any level of fidelity – so the humans on your team can spend their time on more important strategic work.

02 Building the best software requires more than just AI

For an AI solution to provide significant value and fully automate these processes, each link in the chain (Knowledge Graph, the AI, and the Workflows) has to be optimized and thoughtfully designed.

The Knowledge Graph
The AI
The Workflows