Last year, we introduced GenAI answering for security questionnaires and it has been an exciting yet challenging journey to solve security questionnaires forever. We’ve learned a lot in a year and have made some handy changes. 

We won’t sit here and say it’s been easy, security reviews come in all shapes and sizes and there are tons of edge cases, (like that weird excel that has drop-downs for their drop-downs…or the ever-expanding portal-based questionnaire) but still we’ve come a long way in a year and in this article, we are going to dive into what sets our AI apart when it comes to security questionnaire software solutions.

Alright, what’s so great about generative GenAI for security reviews? 

The biggest benefit of GenAI is its ability to understand and learn the context of your business and continually evolve alongside your business. By crafting sales-ready responses and grasping the context surrounding each security questionnaire question, GenAI ensures higher answer accuracy saving you valuable time.

We've significant strides with GenAI for security questionnaires over the past year, enhancing precision, accuracy, and user experience. Here's what it means for you.

Improved precision and accuracy for questionnaire answers you don’t have to rewrite

Everybody claims they have the most accurate AI—and it makes sense. Precision and accuracy are crucial when crafting correct and "sales-ready" answers for customers, a challenge our engineering team has tackled head on. We know that there are tons of claims on the market for high answer accuracy, but relying solely on keyword matching just doesn’t cut it anymore.  

That's why we're pushing forward to a future where responses are not just technically correct, but also tailored to suit your organization's style and tone preferences. Because rewrites equal =more time spent, and honestly who wants that?

So, how did we improve precision and accuracy?
  • Processing pipeline: Our R&D processing pipeline has a constant feedback loop for validating answer accuracy, testing, and iteration and we have dedicated a team to refining this pipeline. We continue to work towards a goal of 99% precision on our end and tracking towards a goal that it should take a customer less than 5 seconds to review and validate an AI answer.
  • Enabling ConveyorAI to read from every source: Our AI takes information from any internal or external source you want it to pull from like company support sites, company wikis, and your own security documents like your SOC 2, Information Security Policies and more to boost answer accuracy. That way, your subject matter experts don’t need to add content to Conveyor to train ConveyorAI and all they have to do is point to the source-of-truth that they’re already maintaining.  This helps ConveyorAI answer more of your questionnaire, without adding any maintenance needs to Conveyor itself.
  • Training ConveyorAI to automatically remember past edits: With ConveyorAI, you'll never have to repeat yourself— edits you make to any questionnaire answers are automatically remembered so you don't have to constantly update your knowledge base. And as always, all answer sources are cited so you can quickly review where an answer came from if you need it.
What does it mean for you?
  • You can pass questionnaires to front-line sales or even support teams to take a first pass with confidence in generated answers
  • You can spend 90%+ less time on questionnaires. How does less than 5 seconds a question sound?

One-click auto-complete portal-based questionnaires

Portal-based questionnaires in OneTrust, Coupa, RSA Archer and the other 25 variations of other portals cause our customers the most headaches. All of the vendors in our space have a browser extension to handle these types of security questionnaires…kind of like Oprah’s favorite things. But what sets Conveyor apart is that we aren’t just slapping a browser extension on to fix your portal questionnaire use case, we have considered the entire user workflow and optimized the browser extension for smooth (and fast) performance.

Be honest, what is the most hated part of portal-based questionnaires? Going question by question and copy/pasting. 

We’ve engineered a 1-click auto-complete feature where our browser extension will auto-scroll and fill in unanswered questions with AI answers that you have already reviewed. Plus, if you do have any edits, they will automatically sync back to your knowledge graph. It’s no-fuss, just fill. 

What does it mean for you?
  • Not only do you get generative answers to portals directly in your workflow, the auto-complete feature means you don't have to copy and paste each answer one by one.

Handles any questionnaire format with ease

We know that each security questionnaire is like its own special snowflake. And since they can all be so unique, your software needs to be able to handle all of the edge cases. ConveyorAI can handle complex excel files instantly by importing and exporting them in whatever format you received them in, so they are customer ready upon return and we're working on refining our instant ingestion of word docs and PDFs, and more.

We've covered portals above with the browser extension updates, but it can also help you answer one-off questions in

Not to mention those one off questions you're bound to get in slack and email. ConveyorAI can take care of all of it. 

What does it mean for you?
  • You don't have to spend time trying to manipulate different formats of questionnaires for processing. Simply upload into Conveyor and the AI will handle the rest.
  • Use our AI on any type of customer question including one-off questions in email or Slack by using the browser extension or Slack search

Measure your value and report on effectiveness of your team's performance

Besides having GenAI work for you, we can’t overlook the need to report its effectiveness. The industry is changing and Conveyor wants to put you at the front of the pack. It’s becoming more important than ever for teams to report their KPI’s to show how they are turning security reviews into a competitive advantage. That’s why we are focused on pulling relevant insights into an easy dashboard so you can see your direct impact on turnaround times, impact on revenue, questionnaire complexity and answer accuracy. 

For more data analytics and insights on the KPI’s the top performing teams are using to turn security reviews into a competitive advantage, check out our ultimate guide to the KPIs that matter

What does it mean for you?
  • You don't have to spend time trying to manipulate different formats of questionnaires for processing. Simply upload into Conveyor and the AI will handle the rest.
  • Use our AI on any type of customer question including one-off questions in email or Slack by using the browser extension or Slack search

What's next

We're not done yet. We're gearing up to take GenAI for security reviews to the next level. Stay tuned for more Conveyor innovations in the coming months.

Curious to see these features in action? Get started by signing up for free today or scheduling a call with us to discuss how Conveyor can help.

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