When information security and presales teams reach out to us looking to solve the headache of handling all of the manual activities related to customer security reviews, they are usually dealing with the same set of problems:

They’re spending too much time sharing security info with customers and making sure customers get what they need

Teams should be able to share one URL to a trust center where customers can download what they need in an automated way.

  • There are many trust center solutions on the market and some are more advanced than others. With customer experience paramount to speeding up the deal cycle, providing a seamless, customer-friendly way to get documents and look for answers is key. → Trust center solutions that make your customers sign up for an account as a way to market to them means customers are less likely to get what they need in a timely manner. Best-in-class solutions also offer automation of NDA signing, granting access, and integrations with your workflows.

Security questionnaires simply take too much time.

Teams should be able to speed through questionnaires faster when AI takes the first pass at answering

  • Most products offer automation in some form to speed up the process. Unfortunately a lot of their AI automation doesn’t always yield accurate answers leading to tedious rewrites  → The AI should comeback with a high degree of accuracy after a first pass and utilize the context of your knowledge library rather than just keyword matching.

Portal-based questionnaires are overly manual and tedious.

Spend less time manually completing online and portal-based questionnaires

  • Other software doesn’t offer a solution to this other than manual copy and paste into the portal → A workable solution is to have a one-click auto-complete feature for Portals that doesn’t require a user to copy and paste where the browser extension scrolls through the portal and fills in blank questions with your reviewed answers.

They don’t want to buy too many tools to handle different parts of the process

Teams should be able to use one tool to seamless handle every customer question or request that comes up during a security review

In this post, we’ll dive into several different security review platforms on the market to help decide which one is the best fit for your team:






We know there are a lot of security review automation software options out there. How do you know which will actually work in your workflow? Get started with a free 1-week proof of concept and test with your own data and team to see which is the best fit for you.

1. Conveyor

Secure code + one-click NDA to sign into your trust center

Factor #1 - You share one URL with customers to your trust center. They get a password-less login experience and can access documents and Q&As in seconds as well as subscribe to stay updated.

When it comes to sharing your security posture with customers and enabling them to self-serve and download documents at their leisure, the customer experience matters. If there are too many obstacles for the customer (like signing up for an account) or your trust center provider often has bugs, hard to navigate UI or other challenges, the customer simply won’t try to get answers or documents on their own and come to you for their questions.

  • Providing a best-in-class experience for customers is extremely important. With Conveyor, customers get a secure, passwordless login experience by copy/pasting a security code sent to their email which leads them to sign the one-click NDA directly in the trust center. Then they’re able to download any document they have access to, search through the Q&As you’ve provided, and get all of the answers to their security review without having to ask you.
  • Conveyor also has extensive automation options for granting access (by domain, Salesforce logic, or directly in Slack for example), options for if you want customers to get their own AI generated answers to questionnaires, bypassing NDAs, and much more.
  • Lastly, your customers can subscribe to your trust center announcements so you can auto-notify them when you have updates to your security posture, for example, you can notify all subscribers when your company wasn’t impacted by the latest breach or that you have a new updated SOC 2 report.

Questionnaires view in Conveyor

Factor #2 - Most accurate AI-generated security questionnaire answers on the market so you can complete security questionnaires faster

When it comes to filling out questionnaires, speed matters. Many businesses struggle with slow manual processes, which can cause delays. Other AI software utilizes keyword matching over LLM’s, meaning answers can come out convoluted and inaccurate.

  • Questionnaires are completed 91% faster when ConveyorAI generates instant answers by learning from your knowledge library which includes security documents, Q&A pairs, external sources like company support sites, marketing websites, and also past questionnaire edits.
  • Conveyor’s AI can handle any format in the app or through the browser extension (more on that below).

Our end to end solution ensures quick and accurate answers—no more waiting around for a human to complete a questionnaire and no more rewriting inaccurate answers from mediocre questionnaire automation.

AI will scroll and auto-complete portal-based security questionnaires

Factor #3 - One-click auto-complete portal-based questionnaires

Manually filling out portal-based questionnaires can be a real time drain for infosec teams. Many tools offer a browser extension so teams can bring AI answers into their portal questionnaire workflows, but most extensions you still have to copy and paste the answers generated in the extension. Here’s how Conveyor takes it a step beyond copy and paste.

  • Conveyor offers a one-click auto-complete feature helps you breeze through supported portals by auto-filling answers.
  • First, Conveyor detects questions, generates answers. After you review, you can click “Fill unanswered questions” and the extension will scroll and fill in every answer on its own.
  • Additionally, it syncs answers from your portal back to the Conveyor app for a record of past responses.

Thanks to its AI-driven autofill feature, Conveyor makes completing portal questionnaires much simpler, saving loads of time and effort.

Looking for a tool to help your team spend less time on the mindless task of answering the same questionnaire questions over and over again? Get started with a free 1-week proof of concept to speed questionnaire completion by over 90%.

2. Whistic

Whistic is a platform for businesses to automate the assessment, publishing, and sharing of security documentation.

Here are some key features:

  1. A trust center that houses questionnaires, certificates, audits and security documentation in one place.
  2. A dual sided network where buyers and sellers can easily exchange security information.
  3. Automated vendor assessments to help streamline the process of assessing third-party risks.

3. SafeBase

SafeBase is a trust center platform used to streamline the security review process and accelerate deals.

Key features include:

  1. A trust center that safeguards security, compliance, and privacy documentation while giving buyers instant access to information.
  2. Security questionnaire response software
  3. A wide variety of integration options to optimize workflow and eliminate back and forth.

4. HyperComply

HyperComply is a third party risk management platform that automates security reviews and due diligence processes.

Here are some key features:

  1. A simple streamlined trust portal that offers the basic elements including a knowledge base.
  2. Questionnaire software that uses machine learning combined with a human team of experts to generate and check answers to questionnaires.
  3. A Chrome browser extension that links up to the knowledge base.

5. Vanta

Vanta is a trust management platform that streamlines compliance activities with real time monitoring, holistic risk visibility, and increased audit efficiency.

Here are some key features:

  1. Vanta's main product offering is automating the tasks helping you achieve compliance. They also offers security questionnaire automation. Their AI will auto-generate answers to questionnaires but questionnaire formats are limited.
  2. Offers a centralized trust center to view your compliance and security status as well as a basic browser extension to aid in portal based questionnaires.
  3. Multiple integration services with cloud providers, HRIS systems, and more to automate evidence collection for compliance and security posture monitoring.

Automate any security review easily with Conveyor

Automating the customer security review process can increase win rates by 42%, but every customer request is unique, so finding software that can speed up every single type of review while providing a delightful, yet consistent, experience for your customers is key.

When it comes to Whistic alternatives, there’s a solution: Conveyor.

Conveyor is a security review automation platform designed to easily share your security documents and posture with customers in a trust center and automate answers to security questionnaires with market-leading AI.

Try a free proof of concept and test our AI with your own data today. You can also get started setting up your trust center for free here.