Today, Conveyor is announcing integration with, a long-awaited feature from both customers and prospects. By connecting your Conveyor account with your Salesforce CRM, you’ll be able to report on the pipeline and revenue that is influenced by security reviews.  For the first time ever, security teams will be able to have concrete metrics that measure their impact on the business.  You’ll also save a ton of time reviewing access requests now that they’re linked to Salesforce accounts!

Quantify your impact on revenue

At Conveyor, we’re on a mission to help security teams rewrite their job descriptions.  We’re debunking the perception of the security team as a “cost center.”  Instead, we believe there is measurable value to customer trust.  We refuse to accept that compliance teams will never have the data to answer “Are all these certifications worth it?”  Instead, we believe the return on investment should be easy to calculate.

And now it is.  By integrating with Salesforce, Conveyor will match your Room Connections to closed-won opportunities and give you board-ready reports to show just how much revenue can be tied back to your security efforts:

Now when your boss asks “What business impact did you have this quarter?” you can send along this screenshot!

The best part is: This graph is just the tip of the iceberg.  We go much, much deeper with customers to help them understand the impact that Conveyor has on things such as:

  • The length of your sales cycle
  • Your win rate
  • Avoiding questionnaires

Borrowing from an analysis we ran recently for a customer, here’s a sanitized example report.  If you’re interested in getting the same type of data, just email, or click “Run Analysis” under Conveyor Insights on your dashboard:

Save time by approving access requests directly in Conveyor

Streamlining the security review process between security, sales, legal, and other teams is made simpler and faster through the Salesforce integration. With better coordination between systems and teams, you’re not only able to tie the impact of your security efforts to business outcomes, but you can speed up your internal processes as well. 

Users who integrate with Salesforce have the benefit of seeing which contacts are associated with Salesforce records.  This allows you to get more information about access requests (or existing connections) at-a-glance, and saves you the time hunting for the record yourself in Salesforce. When you know a request is coming from an existing account in Salesforce, it makes approving access that much easier.   

You can also jump to the Salesforce record from the Detail view of a connection, so you can validate whether it's time to say goodbye to a connection:

Get started with Conveyor + Salesforce

Want to see the Salesforce integration in action? Here’s a quick video showing how the integration with Conveyor reports on your revenue influence and saves you time:

If you’re new around here, you can check out our Salesforce integration by creating a free account using the button below.

Fair warning, our Salesforce integration is only available on our Growth plan, but feel free to kick the tires with a free account to start sharing your documents with customers and prospects.  

I had way too much fun writing this blog post. Engineer and Conveyor Dad David helped build the feature, deserves all the credit, and wrote some great documentation here if you’re looking for more information.

Let us know if you have any feedback!