Tackling security questionnaires often means losing time on tedious maintenance tasks.

Here at Conveyor, we've been working hard to make this process easier.

With brand new AI capabilities that understand every asset input and submission output, we've managed to cut the time spent on knowledge base maintenance and manual work in half. This lets you invest less effort in admin tasks and concentrate more on helping deals close and getting back to your day job.

We are excited to roll out two new features:

  • AI Reads from Docs to Generate Answers: draft, cite, and link every answer from original source material. Upload all your latest policies, Conveyor handles the maintenance, and answers stay fresh and clean.
  • OneTrust Auto-fill: complete portal-based questionnaires within OneTrust in one click. Conveyor automatically fills in answers based on your documents and knowledge base.

Feature #1: AI can now use your entire trust center (including documents) to generate answers

Now, not only does the AI in the security questionnaire automation software draft answers for you, but it can also generate responses by looking at the content of your documents, like PDFs in your portal. That’s right— our AI can read from your SOC 2 Type II, CAIQ and more.


By adding your standard security and compliance documents to Conveyor, you train the AI on security context with documents you're already maintaining! This reduces the need for a lengthy knowledge base with constant upkeep. Plus, with more source data you’ll see higher accuracy on question answering.

As a bonus, Conveyor’s AI automatically adds links to relevant documents (always sourced!).

The links to documents generated for answers come with all the usual portal controls – the customer needs approval, signs an NDA, and so on – before they can access the document.

Conveyor Labs, our research arm, finds that ~10% of questions on a standard questionnaire ask “is _____ policy present?”.  Now there’s no need to think - the AI answers and links immediately. Of course, if you do need to update your knowledge base — the bi-directional sync between the information in your trust center and the AI questionnaire automation software keeps your data clean and current.

Feature #2: Auto-fill a OneTrust portal questionnaire in one click (beta)

Forget the headache of handling security questionnaires in OneTrust Portals. Conveyor's new OneTrust portal auto-fill feature is here to make things easier. Sick of copy-paste and alt-tabs? We solved that.


This feature helps you breeze through OneTrust portals by auto-filling answers from your knowledge base and documents, eliminating the need to click question-by-question for copy-pasting on web portals.

Conveyor detects questions and answers and auto-fills the answer fields, saving you from tedious manual work and speeding up the submission process. Additionally, it syncs answers from your portal back to the Conveyor app for a record of past responses so you can work directly in the portal.

Conveyor Labs finds that 46% of customers still sent a questionnaire even after accessing a company’s Trust Portal to download their security documents. Now, you can streamline security review from end-to-end with a comprehensive approach to deflecting inbound questions and speeding up outbound questionnaire submissions.

Try Conveyor's customer trust automation platform in a free proof of concept.

Conveyor helps teams automate their security review process with a trust center and an AI security questionnaire automation tool to both reduce incoming questionnaires and speed up time to answer them with the most accurate AI on the market.

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