We get it. There are loads of security automation platforms out there, which means there is a lot of information to sift through as to try to find what's best for your team. Based on our experience, we’ve found that these are the most important factors when it comes to information security teams looking for security questionnaire automation software:

1. Instant, accurate AI answers you don't have to re-write

Many vendors today offer 'AI automation software for questionnaires', but this might mean AI software is used in the process, but then its followed by a manual human review on the vendor's side to verify accuracy, so you don't get answers back for hours or even days. This process makes completing security questionnaires take much longer than necessary. Good do-it-yourself software software should provide accurate AI answers instantly, allowing you to review the answers and move the process forward without needing to wait for an external service to review it.

2. Software with AI that reads from a variety of sources and uses more than just a knowledge base of Q&As to generate answers

Most vendors on the market require you to maintain an extensive knowledge base of question and answer pairs to be able to generate accurate answers. The best AI software for security questionnaires on the market today can pull from not only Q&A pairs and the security documents in your trust center, but also read external support sites, company wikis, and more so that you can use sources already being maintained by other teams to help answer questionnaires. By including documents into the source material that AI can use, you can greatly increase precision and accuracy of generated answers.

3. Software that can handle complex formats of questionnaires including tricky excels and portal-based questionnaires

Questionnaires come in a variety of formats - multi-tab excels with drop-downs, Google forms, and those portal-based questionnaires that are tough to navigate. Many solutions on the market today can only handle a small set of different formats and you're left manually working through the rest. A good software can import tricky formats with ease and also has a browser extension for portals, saving users valuable time and effort. The best products are now offering one-click auto-complete of portal-based questionnaires well as the ability to sync and edit answers from the extension back into the platform so you have a record of your answers after you hit submit.

4. An integrated trust center with full feature set to automate sharing of documents

When customers request answers to security questionnaires, they're also often looking for your security documents like your SOC 2, Information Security Policies, or copies of penetration tests and other important documents that cover your security posture. Software that solves for both of these problems should seamlessly help with automation of these steps such as automatically adding links to documents in the trust center if it's requested in the question, being able to maintain one source of truth, and the AI being able to read from everything in the trust center as a source for generating answers.

Looking for a tool to help your team spend less time on sharing security documents and answering security questionnaires? Learn more about Conveyor's security questionnaire automation software to cut time spent on security reviews.


#1: Conveyor's do-it-yourself method for questionnaires using AI is faster.

Stop waiting hours or days for the human team behind other software to do their review of answers before it gets back to you

Conveyor offers a faster process through our do-it-yourself approach using AI. Unlike other software where you might have to wait for hours or days for human review, our AI instantly generates answers to uploaded questionnaires and our market-leading AI is so precise, we don't need a human team verifying answers behind the scenes. This quick turnaround time is a big advantage, letting users move forward with their tasks without delays.

#2: Spend less time maintaining a knowledge base

Get better accuracy and precision when AI reads from any source you give it.

Only reading from Q&A pairs isn't good enough anymore because of the maintenance that comes with it. 

Conveyor's AI will use any source you feed it from anything you upload to Conveyor like your SOC 2 or any policy documents, Q&A pairs and public external sources like your marketing site, product documentation, and company help centers -- even those hosted in other software like Confluence, Slack, Seismic, etc.  That way, your subject matter experts don’t need to add additional content to Conveyor to train ConveyorAI. You can just point the AI to the source-of-truth that they’re already maintaining.  This helps ConveyorAI answer more of your questionnaire, without adding any maintenance needs to Conveyor itself.

#3: Spend less time on portal-based questionnaires

No more browser extensions that don’t auto-complete portal questionnaires.

Questionnaires in third party portals and online-based TPRM systems are historically the hardest and most challenging to navigate. Conveyor's Chrome browser extension for portals brings AI answers directly to your workflow and is compatible with the various portals on the market. It will even one-click auto-complete certain portal-based questionnaires for you as well as sync and edit answers from the extension back into the platform so you have a record of your answers after you hit submit.

#4: No need to buy an additional tool to share security documents

You can seamlessly share security documents and use the same platform to answer questionnaires

With Conveyor, users don't have to buy extra tools just to share security documents. Many people end up having to pay for separate tools solely for this purpose. With Conveyor, our AI automatically creates direct links to documents in the trust portal when needed. This means users can easily share the required security documents without needing any extra purchases or tools. By including this feature in our solution, we make the process simpler and more cost-effective for users, allowing them to manage and share their security documentation efficiently.


HyperComply makes managing security documents easier by keeping everything in one place and ensuring users have control and easy access. Users can quickly set up their security information by using existing documents, and the platform helps by automatically creating Security Profiles. It also has a custom Knowledge Base to help users find and update documents easily and offers an AI powered questionnaire solution that requires their team to review for accuracy before completion.

With Trust Pages, users can share their security details proactively, reducing the need for long questionnaires. Simplified vendor reviews are also part of the package, with features like a vendor dashboard, templates, and automated schedules. Overall, HyperComply is a user-friendly solution for managing security documentation effectively.

Conclusion: Conveyor vs. HyperComply

Finding the right software for managing security documentation is crucial for InfoSec teams looking to streamline their workflows. Whether you prioritize centralized document management, accurate and instant AI-driven responses without a human in the loop, or streamlined questionnaire processes no matter the format, Conveyor can offer an effective solution. Conveyor helps teams automate their security review process with a trust center and an AI security questionnaire automation tool to both reduce incoming questionnaires and speed up time to answer them with the most accurate AI on the market.

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Conveyor helps teams automate their security review process with a trust center and an AI security questionnaire automation tool to both reduce incoming questionnaires and speed up time to answer them with the most accurate AI on the market.

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