Today, we’re excited to introduce Conveyor, a customer trust platform born out of the insights we obtained building Aptible Comply. Our mission is to build a more trustworthy internet by creating a network of customers and vendors that makes it simple to build trust through data security.

In the decade since Marc Andreessen wrote, “Why Software Is Eating the World,” his predictions have largely come true. Lowered startup costs and a massively expanded global market for software services have led to more and more major businesses and industries being run on software and delivered as online services.

At the same time, the old joke about how “the cloud is just someone else’s computer” also rings true in a different way, with terms like “supply chain attacks” coming into the mainstream from repeated large breaches like SolarWinds. With more businesses sharing more data with more cloud vendors, it’s never been more important to build trust with customers around data security.

Building Trust

So why is building trust more difficult than ever? Ten years ago, when Andreessen made his prediction, only a few enterprise SaaS vendors had a SOC 2 or ISO 27001 certification. Today, regardless of size, customers routinely subject all vendors to scrutiny based on the data they process. Even small B2B SaaS companies are now required to provide compliance certifications, security testing results, and answers to lengthy security questionnaires to close deals. Larger SaaS vendors find their teams replying to dozens or even hundreds of security questionnaires per month.

For deals that proceed to vendor risk assessment, the ways customers and vendors build trust together are deeply broken and painful for both sides. Sales deals crawl as customers and vendors go back and forth proving trust. Signing NDAs, getting documents watermarked, and responding to questions are actions that happen with every deal but are not standardized. Sharing security documents in cloud folders and completing questionnaires in spreadsheets creates an unmanageable sprawl of files. Companies have sales teams and security/compliance teams, but no one focused on proving data security trustworthiness to customers. The sales team doesn’t know enough about security and the security team has bigger priorities than “selling.”

Why Conveyor?

So far, the compliance software industry has only responded with ever-more complex ways to determine trustworthiness; we’re here to make it more simple. Previously, the team behind Conveyor was building Aptible Comply, a GRC automation tool. We found over and over again that for our customers, the underlying reason to achieve compliance certifications, respond to questionnaires, share security reports, and perform all the other work around trust building were motivated by the desire to answer a simple customer question: Is it safe for us to do business together?

At Conveyor, we believe there is a better way. Providing security information should be as easy as sharing a link. Questionnaires should be answered before questions are even asked. Building trust with customers should be fast and effortless. By enabling customers to connect with their vendors on Conveyor it’s possible for customers to instantly access security documents, get answers to questions, and build trust in their vendors, without vendors having to do extra work.

Many of the most trusted companies in the SaaS world are already using Conveyor to build trust with their customers. For example, Datadog, PagerDuty, and Sift each have thousands of customers and are all using Conveyor to streamline responding to security questionnaires and provide customers self-serve access to their security documents.

Join Us

Conveyor exists to fix the broken process and speed up building trust around data security. It’s a customer trust platform that makes it easy for companies to build trust with their customers (and for customers to determine the trustworthiness of their vendors). Join us, and some of the most trusted SaaS companies in the world, as we make the internet more trustworthy, together!