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Freshworks speeds up security review process by 7.5 days

“We've seen success in 3 different areas: for customers, we have enabled greater assurance in the security of Freshworks...for Sales, it's making their job easier....from a Security perspective, we've saved a ton of time.”
Ski (Senthil Kumar Iyyappan)
Deputy Chief Information Security Officer
Freshworks makes it fast and easy for businesses to delight their customers and employees. Their suite of products include Freshdesk Omnichannel, Freshdesk Support Desk, Freshdesk Contact Centre, Freshdesk Customer Success, Freshchat, Freshsales Suite, Freshmarketer,  Freshservice, Freshteam, and the Freshworks Neo platform. Freshworks products work for everyone, making it easy for IT, customer service, sales, marketers, and HR to do their job and delight their customers.

Business Challenge

As a SaaS product hosted in Cloud, data protection is paramount to Freshworks and the customers they sell to. Before signing up to use the services, customers want to understand the information security and data protection capabilities. Because of this, a dedicated GTM (Go-to-Market) information security team was formed to respond to customer security reviews, due diligence calls, contract reviews, and other information security-dependent activities in the sales process.

Freshworks has a large customer base (50,000+ customers), and almost all of their mid-market and enterprise customers and prospects tend to do a security evaluation as part of their procurement and annual compliance processes.

For Freshworks, each information security review took 7-10 days on average from start to finish, and was entirely manual, consisting of tasks like email requests, ticket creation, spreadsheeds, NDA redlining, and more.

In addition to the sheer volume of questionnaires they were receiving, no two reviews were alike: based on the customer, the product, or the use case, the team fielded various questionnaires, which made the process even more dynamic.

All of this added to the Freshworks GTM Information security team looking for a solution to their security review quandary.

As they started their search for a platform, the team had three main goals:

Optimize manual efforts of GTM Information Security team

Get insight into how their customers were using Freshworks security documents & collateral

Speed up sales cycles

Early significant results  

Freshworks saw immediate improvements in their workflows on day 1 using Conveyor. Using their Conveyor portal to share security documentation earlier in the sales cycle proactively, they could avoid customer questionnaires with simpler requirements. And customers who had more detailed information requests could self-serve their answers through the internal Knowledge Base also available in the portal.

In the first six months of using Conveyor, the Freshworks team could already tell that their initial goals (speed sales cycle and saving time for the security team) were being met.

They saw the information security review stage of the sales cycle sped up by 75% (going down from 10 business days to 2.5 business days). On average, the security team spent 67% less time sharing documents & responding to questionnaires.

Features that were impactful

There were several aspects of the product that were particularly impactful to the Freshworks GTM Information Security team and have become a critical part of their new workflows:

Automated NDA gating
Back-and-forth with NDAs had sometimes caused long delays in getting customers access to security documentation. Now, with an automated NDA set up in their Portal, users can accept in a single click reducing the manual efforts of the Freshworks legal team. This shaves days (sometimes weeks) off the security review process and keeps the review moving forward.
Knowledge Base
Toggling on Knowledge Base questions to be customer-facing has reduced the number of follow-up questions that come back to the sales and security teams after the initial sharing of security documentation. Getting metrics on the questions engaged with most has given the GTM Infosec team insight into which parts of the security program are most impactful to closing deals.
Question ratings & suggestions
Internal users who access the Knowledge Basecan vote if the answers are helpful and relevant, informing the team which questions should be regularly updated. The “suggest a question” feature allows them to handle all the security reviews within the portal, making it efficient for both security and customer-facing teams.
Slack integration
Having a central, searchable log for all customer requests, access approvals, and customer activities has been incredibly useful for both the security and sales teams, to know where the customer is in their review.

“In terms of our biggest benefits, I’d put that in three categories:

For the customers
, we have enabled greater assurance and a hassle free process in understanding and validating the information security capabilities by bringing all under one roof.

For the customer facing teams, it’s making their job easier and does not have any delays in sales cycle.. All they must do is perform minimal, easy steps to get customers & prospects access to the Freshworks Information Security Room.

For the Information Security teams
, we’ve saved a ton of time. Processes are streamlined, automated, and we have the needed insights on each security review.”

Ski (Senthil Kumar Iyyappan)
Deputy Chief Information Security Officer
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