Important factors to consider when conducting a vendor security review

November 16, 2021

Using these key trust indicators will give you a solid basis for building your vendor security questionnaire and help you quickly understand how their security posture matches up with your business requirements. 

Measure your security team's impact on pipeline with Conveyor x Salesforce integration

October 26, 2021

By connecting your Conveyor account with your Salesforce CRM, you’ll be able to report on the pipeline and revenue that is influenced by security reviews. For the first time ever, security teams will be able to have concrete metrics that measure their impact on the business.

Trust portals: what they are and why you need one

October 22, 2021

Like a security page but better — a trust portal is the best way to centralize and streamline a process that is increasingly critical to closing and retaining business. Find out what they are, why you need one, and what to include in a portal.

Security Questionnaires are not RFPs

October 13, 2021

Based on our customer benchmark report findings, using RFP software to respond to security questionnaires brings on additional challenges for security teams. See how you can use Conveyor to reduce the pains that come with customer security assessments.

How Hypergrowth Companies Build Customer Trust

September 23, 2021

Learn how growing B2B SaaS companies reduce the pain of responding to security reviews by taking a proactive and segmented approach to building trust with customers. We provide a model for you to operate like the best security teams.

4 Questions You May Get Asked on your Next Security Review

August 23, 2021

Some questions are standard on any vendor security review. These 4 questions you may not be familiar with, but if you're a cloud vendor you should be prepared to answer them on your next customer security review.

Acing the security review cycle: 4 things to ask before you answer a customer security questionnaire.

July 22, 2021

Security reviews are critical to closing deals. These four questions could save you valuable time and energy before you begin responding to any questionnaire.

Welcome to the age of customer trust

June 24, 2021

Today, we’re excited to introduce Conveyor, a customer trust platform. Our mission is to build a more trustworthy internet by creating a network of customers and vendors that makes it simple to build trust through data security.

The Culture of Compliance: Podium’s Josh Pugmire on Managing GRC at Every Stage

February 4, 2021

Josh Pugmire, Director of Security and Compliance at Podium, talks about what he’s learned from doing compliance at both the startup and enterprise level, as well as where he sees the industry heading in 2021 and beyond.

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“Moving Left” and Moving Forward in GRC

September 15, 2020

Steven Nguyen, Director of GRC at Segment, on the sea change brewing in the compliance industry around security sales enablement and automation tooling.

Compliance professionals are struggling to manage compliance and enable sales to close deals. Pioneers like Steven Nguyen, Director of GRC at customer data platform Segment, are coming up with creative solutions to ease and expedite compliance requests. Nguyen is pioneering a new way of thinking about GRC—and how compliance must adapt and automate to meet the demands of internal stakeholders and customer needs.

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