Success Stories

“Sharing security documentation usually feels like we’re throwing a pile of documents on the floor. With Rooms folders, it’s easy to organize our security documentation so that we can keep track of our documents and provide easy access to customers.”
JoDee Pederson, Customer Trust and Privacy Lead
“Rooms is one of the biggest lifesavers for us. It has cut down the time I spend on RFP requests by 60% and has improved our sales cycles, changing the lead time to instant.”
Mike Kim, Security and Compliance Manager

Conveyor rooms

"Conveyor's Knowledge Base makes it easy for our customers to search for specific information they need, as opposed to sifting through every piece of security documentation we have. Conveyor saves our customers time and saves us time.”
Lisa Hall, Head of Information Security at PagerDuty
"Before Conveyor, the process to share security documents with our customers was inefficient at best. It was manual to track down signed NDAs and send them via email. Now, our process is automated. Our latest security documents are watermarked and ready for download via Conveyor."
MD Mihai, Senior Information Security Officer
"Conveyor's questionnaire answering has been a great help! It has been a big win for our team in tackling pre-sales activity with a relatively small security team. We are spending 60% less time on the security review step and it's moving much faster now. Thanks so much for your help. Look out for the next one!"
Andrew Locke, Head of IT & Information Security