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Success Stories

“Rooms is one of the biggest lifesavers for us. It has cut down the time I spend on RFP requests by 60% and has improved our sales cycles, changing the lead time to instant.”
Mike Kim, Security and Compliance Manager


“When I saw the product I almost got misty-eyed. I've been in the space for over 20 years and this is the product I have been wanting my whole career.”
Jen Brown, Senior Compliance Manager & Data Protection Officer


“Sharing security documentation usually feels like we’re throwing a pile of documents on the floor. With Rooms folders, it’s easy to organize our security documentation so that we can keep track of our documents and provide easy access to customers.”
JoDee Pederson, Customer Trust and Privacy Lead


“I love Rooms, it makes sharing infosec documentation so much more efficient and saves me a ton of time. Now we’re unblocking revenue and closing deals faster. I can't believe I didn't have something like it at my previous companies.”
Hayk Chakyan, Head of Sales