Support Policy

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Version 1.0 - March 4, 2024

This policy outlines Conveyor's support practices and resources.

Obligations under this policy (both ours and yours) are are incorporated by reference into the Conveyor Terms of Service.

Status Page

You can check the status of our systems and subscribe to updates at

Normal Support Hours

Our Support Team works US standard business hours (9.00 am-6.00 pm Eastern Time) Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.

Online Support

What is included:

  • Incident Support - Identifying and troubleshooting problems using our Customer Trust platform
  • Identifying and creating bug reports for our Customer Trust platform

What is not included:

  • Initial implementation and onboarding
  • Product training
  • Vendor Trust module
  • Professional Services
  • Support in language other than English

How to submit a Support request

Customers can submit a Support request by sending an email to and/or by submitting a Support request via your dedicated Slack channel (only available to some customers on a paid plan).

Targeted Response Time

For customers subscribing to a Conveyor paid plan, Conveyor will respond to Support requests for our platform according to the schedule indicated below:

Initial Response:

  • P0: within 4 business hours
  • P1: within 8 business hours

Minimum frequency of updated on the reported issues:

  • P0: every business day until resolution
  • P1: at least once a week until resolution

In the Initial Response, Conveyor will confirm that the Support request was received and the level of severity assigned to the request. For Support Requests outside for P0 or P1, Conveyor Initial Response will be within 24 business hours.

Resolutions will be provided based on the root cause determined by the investigation.

Severity Levels

Severity levels are defined as follows:

  • Priority 0 (P0) Critical: there is a critical problem with our platform in which there is a complete failure in the Services such that Customer is unable to access the Services.
  • Priority 1 (P1) Serious: there is a serious problem with some parts of our platform which prevents Customer from using parts of the platform but the overall Services remain operational.