At Conveyor, we’re on a mission to make security questionnaires go away. That’s not to say that we think vendor security reviews will ever go away, but issuing questionnaires through spreadsheets and emails is not going to scale as organizations bring on more vendors to conduct their business.

Every day, we work on making our product a delightful experience for the customers/prospects who are conducting vendor security reviews, and the vendors who need to respond to them. In Q1 we launched some updates to the product that focus on making security reviews fast, easy, and accurate. Check out the highlights below.

1. New Conveyor Rooms homepage + search & “follow” functionality for faster reviews

Conveyor Rooms is a trust portal (virtual dataroom solution) that security and compliance teams use to build trust with customers and prospects, granting secure access to security documents and allowing users to self-serve answers to security questions. Recently, we gave the Rooms log-in experience a bit of a “facelift”. Now, when your customers and prospects log in to your Room, they will see all of the documents that you have shared with them (based on their access group), as well as a global search bar to find what they are looking for. 

Visual of a Conveyor Room to download security documents and search Q&As

As always, our search functionality works across all documents and Knowledge Base Q&A, allowing your customers to get the answers they need faster. And now customers can “follow” questions to see changes over time, making their vendor security reviews faster and easier than ever before.

Visual of saving answers for security reviews in Conveyor Rooms

2. Save information to your vendor security review to see ‘what’s changed’ from last time

When customers and prospects visit a vendors’ Conveyor Room, they can now add both Documents as well as Knowledge Base Q&A to their Review. This means you can save the things that matter to you most — removing unnecessary “noise” from your vendor review. When you log back in to your vendor’s Room, you’ll see only what’s changed since your last visit. This means you don’t have to re-review security documents and Q&A every time you conduct a review, saving you hours of time per review.

These recent changes to Conveyor’s Vendor Trust platform are intended to make vendor security reviews instant, frictionless, and accurate, both for the reviewer and the reviewee. By helping customers self-serve more information from the Conveyor Room, vendors can avoid incoming questionnaires and save time. And customers get the TL;DR on what they care most about.

What's Next?

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