Today, we’re excited to announce a new way for compliance teams to help Sales close deals faster while reducing their effort. Conveyor Rooms is sales enablement for compliance teams, completely reinvented, so that companies can easily turn compliance into customer trust. Providing security documentation is a requirement for most companies. Sales and Compliance would prefer that it be completed with as little effort as possible.

Let’s consider a typical sales process.

First Sales needs to send a request to Legal through Salesforce to create an NDA. Once received they email the customer to get a signature. With the NDA completed, Sales then uses Jira to request that the documents get watermarked. Compliance reviews the request and provides the documentation. Lastly sales goes back to email to provide the documents to the customer. Now imagine that this is happening at the end of the quarter, with many sales people, while at the same time Compliance has monthly and quarterly operations to execute.


All of that time spent inflates the sales cycle. If that process takes two weeks, your deal may not close.

Now let’s consider the sales enablement process with Comply Rooms.

Long ago the compliance team uploaded the NDA and shareable compliance documents into their Room. To provide customers access to the documentation the sales team simply sends an email invitation to that Room. Customers create an account and complete the NDA to instantly get access to all the relevant documents, which are automatically watermarked with the customer’s email and the time when downloaded. That’s it, the whole process takes around 30 seconds, and the deal likely closes on time.


Automate Access and Updates

Rooms collapses the entire 10+ step process of securely distributing compliance documentation into a single step, sending a Room invitation to a customer, and once they are in a Room updated documents are automatically sent to them as they are uploaded.

  • Self-serve access: Get security and compliance documents into customers’ hands quicker without sacrificing security
  • Push updates to customers: Automatically send compliance updates to customers on document upload

Tracking and Reporting

Rooms provides deep visibility into customers' access as well as documents accessed revealing which compliance programs are the most impactful to maximize ROI.

  • Analytics Dashboard: See which customers are engaging with security documentation and gain insight into which security documents are accessed the most
  • Activity Feed: See document uploads, downloads, version changes, and room visits in one place
  • Document Audit Log: Record every authorization and access of documents

Legal Approved

Rooms was built with every stakeholder in mind, including legal. Legal wants to protect the company and its information which is why Rooms includes to following features:

  • Legally binding digital NDAs: Customers can sign a Clickwrap or DocuSign NDA right in the Room so that sales isn’t slowed down by legal processes
  • Automatic watermarking: Each document is automatically watermarked with email and time upon download, preventing engineering interruptions
  • Document management: Upload, password protect, version, and tag documents

Get Started

Rooms is already being used by some of the most innovative B2B SaaS compliance teams. If you’d like to join them in simplifying your sales enablement process, for free, sign up for your own Room right now.

Today’s launch of Rooms is just the beginning. We have much more planned, including a tighter integration with Comply GRC, and would love your feedback on where to take the product.